First Time Grow Indoor Cheese Auto


Greetings everyone,

I’ve created this topic to document my first attempt at growing the seeds obtained from ILGM. I’ve been interested in growing for some time now and recently decided to wing it and go for it. After doing some thumbing through ILGM and their fine resources made available I began piecing out what would become my first closet grow. I will be utilizing this forum not only to share my experiences but also seek advice and help from all fellow growers so please feel free so reach out with any questions/ comments/ concerns. Happy growing :smile:

The following is a list of current equipment/ Materials being used.

Flouraflex Cap 6"
House and garden drip clean
Hydro planet grow tent 48×24×60
ipower 4" carbon filter
AC infinity cloudline A4 inline duct 4"
Dr earth pot of gold AP soil
VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series VT450 450W LED
Living soil Auto flower compound
Cheese Auto flower strain

Anyone ran ilgm jack herer autos?
What auto flowering genetics would you recommend?
Seed choices are hard
Indoor WWA, topped at 5 nodes

Looks like you are well on your way
Good strain choice


Invest in a good pH meter and some pH up and pH down or vinegar and baking soda



Thanks! I didn’t include all the little stuff I had, I have been using PH up & Down. I also have a meter and a TDS meter as well. I check the water before every feeding and the run off after every feeding.




I need to get an up to date picture posted on here for today. My only concern currently is I am starting to see some slight leaning to one side. I’m uncertain if I need to add a wooden dowel for support or if light not hitting the roots correctly can cause this? My theory is the flouraflex cap is keeping the light from hitting the stem and causing it to be weak… Or maybe I just simply need to add some extra support? Thoughts?


You can put a lil dowel or something to support her
Not gonna hurt anything


Pre afternoon feeding. Removed the floraflex cap, straightened up the soil around the base of the plant. Put the cap back on and fed. Looks a lot better after straightening it up. Still going to grab a wooden dowel at some point.


She looks happy after the straightening yesterday


Day 13 yesterday after watering.


Looks like you’re off to a good start!


Sweet thanks!



Day 14, getting more and more excited the more I learn every day about growing. :smile:


Just switched to watching, nice set up my friend. She’s looking great in just catching up.


Thanks buddy :smile:


If she’s an auto I wouldn’t do nothing but water that super soil,should get her done just right. I’ve only grown a couple of autos and never did I feed them, just what was in my soil.


Sounds good to me, this is why I chose auto and living soil to begin with, so I’m glad it’s actually paying off. I’ve learned so much for the next one. :smile:


@Aolelon Thanks for all the info!


Mid day updates

Gathered enough information to determine I shouldn’t be adjusting my PH prior to watering due to living soil.

Purchased Kelp meal and Compost Tea to introduce. Going to add the compost Tea this weekend to give me some peace of mind about the micros I may have bothered with PH acids.

Lighting at 32 "
Lighting 60/100 intensity, 19/5 On/Off
She’s getting about 2oz of water daily 7am, 6pm, 10pm, slight misting around the edge of pot.
Temp is usually between 71-84 throughout the day/ night.
Humidity between 34-45 (going to tweak it this weekend and try to maintain it higher during Veg)

Watering is my current grey area, kind of feeling it out as we go. Haven’t had much run off yet, just slightly throughout the days. All the living soil posts I’ve been reading say to refrain from excessive run off compared to regular nute feeding as to not flush out the Micros and nutes.

Any thoughts?