First time grow in need of some advice/help please!

Hello! So this is my first time growing and indoor, I took a lot of advice from experienced growers and so far the grow on all of my plants have been great except… I started the 12/12 light cycle about two weeks ago and I’m at a total of 103 days all together yet still no budding, Am i just “beginner worried” or was I supposed to do something else as well? The lights I’m using I got from an experienced grower and the soil as well. I put a lot of time and money into starting this up I just don’t want to miss something or F this up. I am also getting ready to start growing a few other
different strains and any advice would help me and would be greatly appreciated!
Also the strains I’m talking about above are…
Gold Leaf
Sky OG
Blackberry Kush all ordered from ILGM website
And started all at same time.
Thank you In advance! -Tyler

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No buds at all, not even pistils? You must have a light leak. Have you checked your grow space for light?


Welcome to the forum @Tyler_k. By the way, nice avatar! Love the Misfits! I’m with @raustin. I’d check for light leaks. I’d expect you should be seeing preflowers any day now. Have you switched to flowering nutrients yet? Maybe shoot us a picture so the big guns can help you.

2 weeks is about the time it takes to start seeing pistils or nanners. Should be any day. If u have a light leak as they have suggested many things could happen. But usually something will happen not just nothing. Where the light is hitting will usually hermie if the rest of the plant is trying to flower.

Some strains take longer to transition. Have u been feeding transition nutes or flower nutes yet? I know my Diesel took the full 2 weeks to show her girlie parts. Modest I guess.

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Hey What’s up, sorry for the extremely late reply moved from New York to Maine and moving to another state after almost 30yrs is ROUGH(just a lot going on) but anyway everything has been on the up and up with my girls they took off not even a few days after my first post on here. I’ve been using foxfarm “big bloom” as reccomened from other growers and all is well except… just the other day I’ve noticed some leaves becoming a lighter green and some almost yellow and I’m not to sure why, I haven’t switched anything up I’ve been feeding them nutrients as directed and I’m just a little concerned… any advice or ideas to why the sudden discoloration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Oh and yeah man misfits have been my shit since my skating days 15+yrs ago haha

Hey I have a question? If I’ve been in the 12/12 light cycle for a few weeks now and I’m away this weekend let’s say power goes out or something goes wrong with my timer and the plants are left in the dark for 24 straight hours will something go horribly wrong with my plants? This is my first weekend going away since I started growing these girls and I’d hate to lose them or mess them up if something like that goes wrong(we’re supposed to have really bad weather where I live) just curious not sure how that works. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance :pray:t3:

If the light goes out and your plants are left in darkness it’s not a big problem. However, if the lights stayed on instead, that would throw them back into veg.