First time grow.. in 20+ years. Help!

What we got is here is Jack Herrier x3, Powerplant x3, and White Widow x3. I’m using a tent obviously, intake air comes from outside, fresh air and is ported outside as well. I’m growing in Ocean Forrest… for the first time. Back in the day I used a soilless mixture of pearlite and vermiculite but I decided to go this route this time. I mixed in a bit of worm castings and some Myco+ that seems to do well according to other growers.

All 9 seeds sprouted, one is a runt, but hey, I’ll keep her going and see what happens, so I have a total of 9 plants under a Spider Farmer SF4000 led light. I’m on week 4 and I decided I didn’t like the light penetration of the light, so I got 2x more ‘side’ LED lights which I set at an angle.

For watering Im just using 5 gallon buckets from well water, I checked the PH and it’s about 6.8, so seems good. I did set up a sumpump and a drip / bubbler system to save myself from messing with that. I figure I can have one bucket with fertilizer and one with water… swap the pump when I need to.

So far I fertilized 3x and one plant showed nitrogen problems so I backed off and just watered, which seems good.

The spider farmer vent system I got is nice, has a digital controller with humidity and temp controls, so I set that to 60% max humidity and 80 deg max temp, which works great.

As far as lighting, i did 24 hrs for the first 2 weeks and then 18/6 until now, which I will keep doing… normal stuff.

Can anyone tell me what I’m screwing up? It’s been literally forever and I know im forgetting something or many things.

Here is a pic:

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Too many plants for such a small area If I were you I’d set to flip them in 3 or 4 days even then you’ll be pretty dang overcrowded

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Nothing really. I can certainly nitpick but I’m not sure if it will be advice that results in a different/better yield or if it’s just nitpicking. :laughing:

This stuff is … soil.

This may happen because FFOF is “hot” soil - code for irregular with pockets of nutrient overload. I have some words for Fox Farms and their general quality control, but that’s a problem for a different day.

The real reason I flagged this is because FFOF will last most plants between 5-6 weeks before you actually need to start supplementing with feed.

Soil mediums are sorta in the “6.3 to 6.8” range - 6.5 is the magic number most growers here aim for when using soil. You could scoot the ph down a little bit, especially since you said you’re using worm castings, which naturally drag your PH up over time.

9 seems like a lot for one tent. I suppose that will lead to good variety but one thing to keep in mind with indoor growing is your plant yield will only ever be as good as the space it’s in. A 4x4 tent will generally produce the same or similar amount of weed whether you run 9 plants or 1 well trained one. There are of course variables, but that’s true across the board.

Anyway- like I said at the beginning, I’m truly just nitpicking because everyone looks pretty chipper in there and it sounds like you have a good handle on the start.

Welcome aboard and holler if you need help. You can tag growers in (typing @ and their name, like @Graysin )

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Wow, ok that was fast as F!. PH down, I’ll do that before the next watering. As far as too many plants… are you sure? 9?! Come on now I can pack this tent… I think.

As far as Fox farms, I made SURE and ground the soil up myself, really mixed the crap out of it hard. Also the area I’m in is extremely dry so the soil wasn’t overly… warm when I bought it… sitting outside in cool temps.

Oh the Tent is 5x5x8… maybe that wasn’t obvious. Those are 3 Gallon buckets!


You already did.

Let me display a 4x4 for you:

I would be remiss if I claimed any of these things were well trained. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anyhow, the lady in the back is one plant, just a massive clone. She is taller than my wife (5’2”) and takes up all 4 feet width wise. About 2.75 feet in the other direction. The one in the front left is a clone I just flipped to 12/12 about 2 weeks ago, she’s got a lot of stretching to do if the back gal will let her. Front right corner is a sad plant that I rushed into flower to have some low thc goodies for family in time for Xmas. I may still miss that window, I’m not sure yet.

Anyway that was a super long way of saying that’s 3 plants, essentially 2 plus a runt, in a 4x4 got me stuffed to the gils.

9 in a 5x5 is going to have you in tears with trying to defoliate them and keep straight which leaves belong to who.

Oh, by “hot” I mean loaded with synthetic nutrients. I personally haven’t had an issue with that particular aspect of Fox farms soil, but lots of other folks around here have had borderline toxicity from the amount of food preloaded into FFOF.

Size is an optical illusion. :joy: it’s nearly impossible to tell how big or small tents are.

Haha, I lack the skills needed to do that to my plants! I’m going to try if they ever start getting taller… lol!

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Don’t worry, they will :laughing: About a week after they go into flower they’ll double or triple in height, depending on whether they’re indica or sativa leaning. :rofl:

Seriously. Check out @Tylersays - he’s got a journal of clones he stuffed into a tent and is just flipping into flower to be a wild mofo. It’ll be an overcrowded tent without a doubt.


I punked out on the 2.3x2.3 space and moved 12 of them to the 2x4.
It’s still pretty much standing room only though!
A hair over 2 weeks since the flip.

I’ve got a few spaces left to play with!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!