First time grow I want to learn everything

This is part one of a 3 part series on harvest, drying, and curing.
Bill Ward is sponsored by ILGM so you can get a lot of previews on what seeds will turn into :smile: dude knows his stuff


The t6 controller comes with a sensor and the thermostat I have set to a max temp of 85°f and RH max at 60%. Its been 110°+ lately so I don’t want the fan running constantly. The shed does stay fairly cool.

I mean for the air conditioner. You will want to be able to control it based on the temp inside your tent. The ac infinity fan controller will not toggle the AC on and off.

Ok yeah I don’t have any air conditioner in the shed just the AC infinity. Will be relying on evening temps to keep things coooool.

My bad I misread.

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Np I’m doing this half fancy af and half in the shed

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Money shot of the girls and nutes

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Ventilation is finally finished! The fan is no longer dumping excess humidity and temp into the shed.

Oh other big news in the world of my girls today is they got their first hair cut… I topped them with 4.5 ish leaf nodes below the cut point.


That last pic, something eating on your plant? Good call venting that air out. Otherwise it just gets sucked back into your tent.

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Oh yeah. Me and the thrimps are nemesi … nemesiss … I hate them.

I slacked off on the preemptive pest control and am now paying the price

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Currently the tent has 2 white rhino photos and 2 of the mystery seeds. With the 50/50 chance the mystery seeds might be males I have back ups waiting for this occasion.

Most of them have been transplanted and topped.

I also picked up some insecticide and murder some thrips


You are an animal! Watch them regular seeds, a set of hidden testi’s would suck so bad!

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7/22 1/2 feed with AN part A and B plus 1/2 calmag 1 gal each with some run off (84° 31RH)

Used my cheap PH tester and it gave me different readings based on depth in my water bucket not so sure its working as intended. Ph of water was around 6.5 with nutes and 6.5 to 7 as run off

Big (white) rhino

Runt rhino

Mystery plants dont get names until I find out they arent boys (growing weed is kinda sexist)

Mystery #1

Mystery #2


Likely right. Cheap ph pens don’t keep calibration very well. Could have been an air bubble against the probe sensor.
This vid may help you get solid readings

I recomend this ph pen

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Runoff of a ph7 isn’t great. It shows a rise in ph from what you put in. Keep tracking ph as well as tds of input and output. A flush may be in your future.


I might be confused here but I think I read somewhere that the preflower leaf nodes can show the sex of a plant early on. I understand the difference of the mature sexs lol but preflower or early stages I don’t quite understand.

Given that I might have a sneaky boy or two in my tent any help would be greatly appreciated.

A few images (always helpful)
Not sure how to answer. I have only worked with feminized seeds. So far, No roosters in my hen House. I do not think sexing prior to pre flower is possible. With Photoperiods, I think people will take a cutting early on and force it into flower in an effort to know the sex of the plant before spending months growing it to have it be male. This is why I go feminized, as well as Autoflower.
The plus side of this, no balls to worry about, until you flip.

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Oh sweet that’s also a great way to practice cloning. Taking one or both of the top most new branches would allow the lower branches to even out the canopy better. It will still be a major hit to the plants overall vigor but I guess still better to find out as soon as possible.

Cool this is going to be fun I will do some cloning research

Also thankb you @Docnraq for all your help


Glad I helped….gotta pay that forward right?


Checked my girl today and holy shux darn they have grown since I last watered. I am keeping my plants at a friend’s 15min from my house so I don’t see them every day.

I noticed the pretopping branches were covering some of the new lower growth so snicked them

I’m reading up on @Hellraiser 's cloning thread about how I might solve my maybe males problem and I think I can use a rough tote I was growing hydroponic chili peppers in and take a branch from each of my mystery plants.

After that my main question would be how long to wait for the clones to get comfortable in the soil before forcing then into flowering.

And I’m starting to notice how hard I’m making this for my self. I guess you don’t learn anything if you dont make any mistakes.