First time grow I want to learn everything

Never grown before always wanted to dont really smoke but I’m fascinated by the complexity of the plant and the growing process. A few months back I won a iluminar iL 530 watt grow light and if that isnt a sign I don’t know what is.

I have read most of @Hellraiser gorilla glue grow journal and will be following that template

Seeds friend gave me something

Soil - seedlings are germinated in a sifted potting

  • transplanting into happy frog

5x5x6.5 Mars hydro grow tent

Lights - for seedling- 18’’ 48w fluorescent light I
had already
- veg/flower iluminar iL 44’’ 530w led

No CO2 or humidifier

No heat cuz its summer

Fans are on the research and shopping list

Vent - AC infinity 6’’ ducted outside

Nutes- advanced nutrients connoisseur ph
- AN calmag

Transplanting from solo cup to 3 gal to 5 gal fabric

Growing in a 12’x12’ insulated shed.

Oh right photos of my children, they are one week old today


Welcome to the community @OmNomBoogers . Nice looking spread you’ve got. There’s a wealth of experienced growers and they’re knowledge on here. I too grow in not the best conditioning (garage) my biggest battle is conditioning, heat, RH and air circulation, with those dialed in it comes down to plant care. I would put a clear dome over your seedlings for. A couple of weeks. They need lots of moisture. That fluorescent light will work for those first 2 weeks and water only. As far as adding nutes, I’m not quite sure how much is in the potting mix. I would transfer after the 2 weeks into a soil or xoxo medium. A lot of soil mediums come with nutes but typically last you 5-8 weeks and coco has none, so you’ll be adding those from day one of transplant.

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Welcome to the community ! Seedlings look good.

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Get a decent humidifier in the summer it makes a huge difference(you also won’t need to dome then) also get the extreme gardening sample pack the mycos and azos samples help and boost when you transplant oh and your girls are getting a lil stretchy lower your light an inch or 2


Welcome to the community. I’ll tag along if you don’t mind i don’t know too much but like you said I want to learn everything


Thank you all for joining me here this fine morning/evening.
With the humidifier done I’ve got something that might help but some of the more leggy children will be left out unless saran wrap across the top will work. I’ll try that first I have a strong feeling it won’t work but I’m down to learn

@docnraq @Randy_Marsh this my grow journal yo

(Counting down the minutes till my daily post limit is refilled)

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This is an excellent mindset to keep. Love and keep them as if they were your own flesh and blood. Also remember those there be Ladys, and should be treated propper.

TRUTH! besides it is unlikely that the plants just being in there will keep the RH needed during veg, or flower. On account of all the drying out he soil does. You might keep it the day you water but it will be gone soon after. When you get your ac infinity fan, I suggest the T series w/controller.

You can use the settings of the controller to help maintain your desired RH buy venting it out promoting exchange of air and reducing stagnant air that gives molds and mildew a chance to take hold and flourish.

THIS. Also :slight_smile: good looking Beginning to your Journal.


Quick question. Can you define sifted potting soil?
Also, did you provide drainage holes just at the bottom on at least two sides, as well as center on the bottom? If not you will want to add them.

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Thanks man I appreciate it. Things are gonna be getting crazy this weekend and next 2 ladies get ready chop this week and then 3 next and then I start all over again. I have a couple posts ill try to keep up to date but as always yall some good people and I appreciate the help for sure and will try to give back when I’m knowledgeable enough to pass on some of my own info

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@OmNomBoogers i can tag you in my grow journal if youd like or there is plenty of others around more experienced than myself and we are all willing to help

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My children are not all girls (I think) cuz they are from random seed provided by a friend. I too live the children analogy. I the difference between thee sexs (lol) but am not quite sure how soon they will show. I’m thinking it might be worth buying feminized seeds of a Pacific variety so I dont waist time and nutes on the boys.

I dont know much about varieties or strains.

Right. One of the things I’m missing is portable thermostat thingy that everyone seems to have for RH temp and stuff. Would love suggestions. My grow budget still has a few bucks left in it.

The sifted soil was a potting mix I had lying around with some mulch in it and hellraiser mentioned large chunks can slow down early seedling growth… so pulled out the old gold pan and classifier

@BigCat420 hit me up on that grow journal. Learning from new growers is great cuz they ask questions about stuff you might not have considered.
Happy Monday everyone!


I cannot see buying other then female unless I want males for breeding.

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Ok I have bit the bullet and picked up 5 feminized white rhino baby girls and they are soaking right now.
I will cull a few of my original seeds😪 and keep bringing the two chillies (from the corner of my first photos) along for the ride.

Also sadly I bought the AC unit without the fancy clock but I does look like it is an attachment that i will have to buy separately.

The one week the rhinos will the mystery strain will be an interesting test, different soil and starting light height too


Visit the VIVOSUN Store

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VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Touchscreen LCD Backlight, Temperature Gauge Meter 200ft/60m Range Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer, Battery Included

Inexpensive Hygrometer, I use it and put the sensor inside and the display outside my closet.

It’s not worth the hassle for everyone, but regular seeds are less prone to hermie and are typically genetically stronger from what I’ve read. Regular seeds are much cheaper as well so often people are searching for the largest and most vigorous of a batch in larger numbers for breeding or keeping clone mothers.

When you say less likely to Hermie, is that due to stability of genetics, or are autoflowers just more likely to respond poorly to operator error?

Autos respond poorly to operator error for sure. I’m not positive seven the whole “autoflowers are training wheels for beginners” thing started, but it isn’t accurate. They do take still to veg big before they flower, and anything you do to stunt them directly effects yield.

As far as I’ve learned, feminized seeds come from female plants forced to seed by intentional methods (stress or silver) and sometimes that hermaphrodite prices can get passed down in the genetics and increase likeliness of it continuing down the line. I don’t have research papers to back that up… and I’m no pro. So take it for what it’s worth and do some research too. You find anything contradictory… set me straight! :joy::rofl:


Wow awesome. When I said ‘I want to learn everything.’ This is the the kind of stuff I love about plants and the community!

Do you know what kinds of stressers can be used to force a female plant into hermaphroditeism.

Thanks @OGIncognito love the help. There are so many options out there its hard to know what work and what is cheap cuz its bad


Not any one type of stress, that I have read about anyway. Just extended stress, or many stressful incidents. Every once in a while I have read of herms even though no stress was done, but that is usually an intersex plant vs. a hemaphrodite plant. As I understand it. You want little stress like doing LST during seedling, veg and early flower. After that in the last couple weeks you can begin to stress them. You do this at the end because the plants response to stress is to produce resin. This is the reason for most harvest practices like, 48 hour of darkness before the chop, or stem splitting, or lowering the humidity bellow 50% during last two weeks of flower even ice/cold shocking the roots.

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Think this got answered but if you are still looking search Amazon for wireless hygrometer. Seen this in lotsa peeps pics