First time grow. Hydro/soil(indoor and outdoor)

First time grower here. This is what I’m working with…
Planted directly into garden with southern exposure for most of the day
•3 bag seeds sprouted in paper towel and planted directly into soil(2 1/2 weeks old today)
•8 White Widdow AF sprouted in rockwool cubes going to transplant into garden when seem fit.

•4 Gelato feminized sprouted in rockwool cubes going directly into hydro once set up. Just waiting on nutes and pH solution

•4 Grape Ape fem sprouted in peat pellets

The 3 bag seeds were planted early outdoors and hit with multiple days of 30 degree nights after the first main leaves were over an inch long but seem to be pulling through well.
ALL other seedlings have been planted this week directly into rockwool cubes and some into peat pellets. And are being started under my Mars hydro ts3000

I am a new grower and experimenting with multiple mediums and techniques to see which one I prefer.

•General hydro flora trio
•ph up and down
•Fox farms tri

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I am super happy with my mixed bag seeds out of 9 tho only 3 sprouted but all 3 seem to be pulling through after the cold week we had. As a reference every other tomato plant and pepper plant in my garden has shriveled up and died after the cold…will update with pictures tomorrow one plant in taking some serious stress to the leaves after heavy rainfall tore through them

Good luck! I’m really curious about Hydro, so I’m gonna follow along!

Here are some pictures of my set up. My first res got over taken by slimey iron bacteria from my well water… time to go to town and buy filter water… also added cal mag to my shopping cart since I’ll be losing those nutes with filter water

Posting pictures of my 3 outdoor plants I’m growing in my garden. The little runt of the litter is catching up too my other 2 plants but my best plant is starting to take some serious rain damage to the leaves…why is this the only plant being affected?
Pic #1 - best plant, taking some serious rain damage

Pic #2 - runt of the litter, starting to catch up
Pic #3 - this plant is looking better than the other two at this point!

Welcome to the forum , I applaud the ambition to do all the different methods at the same time Respect . Good luck.

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Thanks I thought I might need some backup plants if I were to screw up my hydro grow too bad… Just got my filter water from town and the last of my nutes arrived this morning got res filled and plant put in. Time to wait


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Total newbie question…

Is your taproot already through the basket and in water ?

@NeoGroR. I just mixed that res today and put plants in… it will probably be a few days till I see roots yet I’m only 3 days from sprout but I am using a bubble feed system in my system if you check my pervious post you can see all my internals. The 2 nozzles coming out of the water pump shoot water directly into my net pot

another update today… set up my secondary grow room inside a gutted out fridge that still works. I will be cranking temps coming into flower to get the purple out of my Grape Ape plants!
Transplanting seedlings into the pots tonight any advice? IMG_20200521_152500|375x500

Left the grow light hooked up for about 2 hours inside the fridge came back to temps reading 118 under the light. Holy cow is this thing that hot or maybe just the fact that no ventilation was hooked up…

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Update. Plants are looking good so far… I had one seedling die on me because of over watering but the others are taking off and roots are dropping into the water already…

![IMG_20200524_114320|375x500](upload://A3X vUxoMplYULYzSB1TjiNr.jpeg)
@NeoGroR @SKORPION @BetrayedSoul


Roots are really starting to develop. Having very bad issues with my pH gradually climbing from 5.8 when I pH in the morning all the way to 6.8 by the end of the day… happening in both my reservoirs any help to stop this issue would be great

Both seedlings are Gelato strain but they look quite different is this to be expected? @SKORPION @NeoGroR @BetrayedSoul

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Also I topped my outdoor plants are they are already on their 6th true node…first time ever growing so we will see if they survive my mutlation haha


My outdoor garden is starting to look pretty nice. Topped 2 of my biggest plants

Transplanted 5 seedlings into the ground today 4 look good but my single Grape Ape seedling is holding on for dear life

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I found ya! Looking good. I like the fridge idea. Can’t wait to see how that develops.

Indoor plants are looking great… outdoor ones have been topped will get pictures soon!

Should the last two pictures of my leaves worry me?

@KJ @SKORPION @NeoGroR @BetrayedSoul
Plants are coming along nicely did a fresh res change and upped the nutes


Cool. How long from seed? And what’s your PPM now?

Oh, and about how many days ago did your roots on the bigger ones hit the water?

Planted on 5/19 I believe. I didn’t write down the exact date oops. I’ll remember to mark down when I put them into flower tho lol. Upped my nutes to 400ppm I’m following a hydro feed chart that I found online and it had been treating my plants well so far! @KJ

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