First time grow help with seedling


This is my first time grow, I purchased the 5 gallon kit from a pot for pot and I’m growing inside a hydro crunch tent with two 300w hydrocrunch LED lights. It’s been about a week since I began germination, the seed has sprouted but the leaves are now pointing up, this is day 5.

The plants been sitting about 1 ft from a fluorescent light. The first three days I did not water the seedling, but then it looked too dry so I’ve sprayed mist around the edges yesterday and today.

What should I do?

First photo taken yesterday at 5pm, the other photos were taken 10 hours later.

Welcome to a brilliant forum, you will love it here. They look good, I would look for a bigger pot now to transplant them. Be careful on your growing medium as some compost isn’t MJ friendly. At this stage some put them in their forever homes and some put in a smaller pot to get established. I use a 6 inch pot then into their forever home. Choice is yours but looking good :sunglasses:


You might consider using a dome at this point an Mist the inside of the Dome a couple times a day will keep humidity level high. Also when you transplant leave Room to backfield stem.


Thanks! I’ve started using a dome. What do you mean specifically by leaving room to backfield stem? Does this mean I should cover most of the stem when I transplant?

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With the seedling stretching , when you repot I would plant the seedling down enough to backfill the long stem up to about an inch from the top. Also at that point get a little air flowing with a small fan. It’s good to have them jiggling a little bit adds strength to the stem.
Good luck


Yes bury a lot of the stem. And make sure you cut the fiber netting of the peat pellet they do not dissolve and your roots won’t grow though the netting. I learned this on my first grow. When you transplant make sure soil is wet in your pellet wet enough that the dirt will stick together, and gently cut netting. I’ve never had a plant due from transplanting.


Day 8 update.

I did the transplant yesterday. Did my best to bury the stem.

Does she look thirsty? After the transplant I gave her about 2 bottles of water. I’ve been scared to overwater and I’m not sure If I’m underwatering now smh.

Also, how’s the setup? We have two 300watt hydrocrunch lights but I only have one over the plant about 24in.

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Okay looking at the second picture looks like you could still add about an inch of soil in your pot to back fill up on the stem a little more. Small seedlings that size about a cup of water in a 6 inch circular pattern every 3 days will be plenty. Also small fan get a little air movement. Make the little lady dance a little help strengthen the stem. You’re not going to see a lot of growth in the seedling for a few days while it develops its root system.

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Hey, I didn’t have any additional soil to use since we purchased the Apotforpot 5gallon grow package.

It appears another plant is sprouting, at first I thought some leaves had fell but those two small leaves will not budge? What should I do?

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Seedling is looking good ! Give the little one a couple more days to see what it looks like but, I Vote some kind of weed. And not the kind you smoke.

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That doesn’t look like weed to me, just a weed. Pluck it, Nan tuck it.

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At that size i just use a spray bottle and mist a little at the stem. Its so easy to overwater it

@appleyardjr267 take another look, a closer look at that plant pic above. That can’t be pot, it’s start out leaves is humungus.

Looks like pot to me. They can start out in all kinda of odd ways. Ude be suprised

@appleyardjr267 he said, “It appears another plant is sprouting”. So he hadn’t planted yet, just bought the soil. Soil don’t come pre-planted. So it would stand to reason, that this is a weed growing, and not pot. But none the less, it’s his grow bag, let it grow, and see what the mystery is, if you are curious. @Limelemon

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2 bottles is way too much. Less is more with seedlings, and don’t water the entire pot, just a small diameter circle of a few inches around.

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probably just a weed, no worries, if its not cannabis pull it out. No big deal

Well if that’s the case then could be just a weed thats unwanted lol i just know u can habe odd growth or deformity

Leaves turning, what should I do?

Leaves that are on the ground, will get discolored. Just to rule out other possibilities, make sure your nutes are right, your lights are right, watering right… But being honest, your plants look healthy. Even the last 2 pics since same plant looks healthy. @Limelemon