First time Grow - happy

Hi Just want to say a big Thanks to you guys for the invaluable information and help I have recieved with my first grow, I know very little about weed, dont even smoke it but an old mate died at 82 and left me his seed collection, he had been growing out in the Australian desert for 40 yrs and had been selective breeding his own seeds. I have tried to germinate them, without sucess, and came across this fourum and have now tried with hydrogen peroxide , still no luck, so I purchased some seeds from ILGM and planted 2 white widow autos and 2 banana kush fems on April 11th, my 1st WW died prematurely, posted it on here, I was advised to test EC and pH, something I thought was unimportant at the time, WOW that was the best advise ever, I flushed the 2nd plant corrected its deficancies with my new Blue Lab meter.
I harvested the top bud this morning, fkn unbelievable differance to the other plant and this one has heaps more buds filling out.


isnt this forum just amazing filled with amazing people? i love it here. wish i found this place years ago.