First time grow for a true beginner

Ok. So here goes. I’m doing my first grow. All I need to know is everything that y’all know lol @Growing_Strong @Growfire @Joshmcginnis28 please help!?


So how far is your light distanced? Why you have those girls swimming? Or is that an effect of the picture?


Also how big is that single container? Might wanna move them to their own. And one looks like it’s helmet is stuck on if I’m seeing it right from picture. Can gently remove it.

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Ok. So I’ve hit a bump in the road. My times light isn’t working correctly. Easily fixed. Anyway, update. My hubby over watered them before that pic. And that container is about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide.

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Definitely need to lower your lights. Its stretching for the light. Then build a soil mountain up against the main stem. And it does look pretty damp for being so tiny. I just water em with a spray bottle

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Are you planning on moving those out of that pot? I would suggest doing so sooner than later. So roots don’t become bound within each other . Would be better off putting each in a party solo cup for a couple weeks. And bury some of the stem for stability also New roots will grow from it

And timer for a light isn’t big deal this young. You could do a flowering schedule by accident and wouldn’t do anything bad for a few weeks at least . I run my light 24 hours a day for first 2 weeks when they are this size anyways. But like stated above I would also lower that light a little bit to stop stretch.

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I have transplanted them. Only y 1 survived. I’m currently just giving it water. What do I do now?

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What is the growing medium you are using? What brand?

There is much more wisdom then mine here but what has worked for me is using a CFL 100w metal dome shoplight along with a soil that has nutrients so I don’t have to mess with that for 3 weeks, I switch to my led veg light 20-24 inch height around 2 weeks and keep my fingers crossed while I daydream about a nice bud filled lady, I’ve learned here and trial and error and mostly luck so far, I’ve done Autos until I feel confident enough to go to feminized photo’s

I’m using miracle grow garden soil.

transplanted 2 days ago. So far so good.