First time grow. first time journal

Hi all CreepyTee here. Long time listener, first time caller.

I’m about 10 days into the grow so this is a “catch up post”.

I am attempting Blueberry Cookies Fem Auto from seedsman.

I’ll start at the beginning…

It WAS going to be a space bucket…

But then I had three little babies…

… and the SO said “GROW THEM ALL!”

Ahhh… errr… AMAZON TO THE RESCUE (evil I know)…

Then the babies started looking kinda sickly…

After digging around on the forum it started to seem that I had drown them.

So I transplanted as gently as I could to pots and soil with only as much water to keep the mound just barely moist.

No pics because I was totally paranoid that I killed them and was about to give up.

Then in a fit of insanity and impatience, I mixed “week 1” nutes from my GO box at 25% recommended concentrations and watered only a tiny bit.

I think that hastened the end for two of three…

The third however seems to be loving it!

So that’s where I’m at right now. I have two more seeds in a damp paper tower (learning!). If the two weaklings haven’t snapped back by the time the new seeds have roots, there will be a culling.

I’ll keep the super weak nutes going and only every other watering.

This is all for medicine for the SO. I might indulge a lil bit to… you know… test the product… :smiley:

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I’m pretty new at this and someone will probably correct me, but isn’t it a little early for any nutes?

Yup… too early. One of a few lessons I’ve learned this week.

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It happens to all of us, I still feel like I’m not doing anything right but the plants are making it ok. Good luck, and I’m set to watching.

I’ve been reading and researching guides, blogs, forums, and even books, for about 2 years now. It became obvious to me that all this information in my head is just gobbledy gook until it’s actually applied.

There is no shame in making a mistake. I’ll be rooting (haha a PUN) for you too!


Nice job so far. Make sure to ph your nutes and water


Welcome, @CreepyTee.

@CreepyTee, Welcome to the forum, I am new here too, but yeah I would have to agree with the others, way too early for nutes in my humble opinion, especially depending on what type of soil you are using. I will be using a half and half mixture of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Fox Farms Happy Frog. I have been told that I may not need any nutes until into flower. The way I look at it, you didn’t do anything wrong, you just learned how to not do it again. In my opinion, the best mindset to have going into anything. I haven’t got my tent set up yet, still waiting for the few last accessories to arrive, although next weekend, I will begin my build regardless. I jumped the gun like most of us do, I received an extra seed in one of my orders and decided already knowing better, to start it. I fooled myself into thinking, I will just use the sunlight in my house until I get my sh** together. Ended up buying a couple of cheap Wally World light bulbs to try to get me through until I get my tent set up. After germinating the seed and then placing in soil, October the 11th my plant broke ground and the attached picture was last night

and I am still almost a week out from getting my sh**t together. I need to stat the other 5, for my first attempt at indoor growing but, I am holding off for now and it’s driving me nuts. I will say, in my opinion, if you have a passion for growing weed, you are definitely at the right place. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and a vast amount of experience on this forum and everyone I have encountered have been great. I will be set to watching and coming along for the ride, of course that is, if you don’t mind.

Sorry, that picture was actually October 31st. My bad.

Over watering,
And welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! Assuming your growing medium had no nutrients, the little round leaves would still take care of nutritional needs of plant in the beginning. Once those yellow and die off you would either need an amended soil or to provide nutrients yourself.


Ok 11/4 update…

2 new seeds have germed and are in the peat pellets WITHOUT all the excess water. They are already growing above the surface. I also took a little from previous salsa gardening experience and employed a 1:60 hydrogen peroxide drizzle once the babies were seated. They do love that O!

The three in pots were also pushing themselves out of the dirt. Since I have new seeds sprouting, I decided to replant them deeper. Also mixed the remaining H2O2 solution into the nute solution and gave them a good shower to set the dirt around the now deeper root systems. Lost about 1/3 of the height but they are already looking better after 16 hours.

Brown and Green pot roots were ok but anemic looking. Red pot roots were all sorts of weird and twisty. glad I have new seeds coming. I suspect Green pot and Red pot are not going to make it.



for inspection… here’s Red Pot after the sacrifice.

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Yep, look like they were just too wet. What soil are you using? You might want to add some perlite or something to improve its drainage.

generic organic mixed with about 25% perlite.

in general I over watered! learned that lesson.

Brown Pot is now starting to thrive and I also have a fan on the plants to strengthen the main trunk and also facilitate evaporation.

Pic update… hope this isn’t tedious for some. The journal is more for me so I have something to check back on as I figure this all out.

I let the soil dry out on top now.

Red Pot is dead (see above). New dirt has been mixed and is awaiting seedlings once they are thriving.

Brown Pot is alive and looking much better but a little weird (note the leaf shape).

Green Pot is alive but weak. I knocked it over with the watering.

and meet the newest members of the family! I didn’t drown them! Wheeeee!


Try to give them a little less water at a time. Keep the baby babies domed, but the larger seedlings should only be getting maybe a shot glass or so of water (water only, they don’t need fed, at least until they’ve consumed their cotyledons) at a time, and probably only once a day. Water in a circle around the plant, a few inches out from the stem. That will promote root growth, making them reach out to get the water. If they are always wet, they will rot.

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Ok some progress and a new lesson!

Only one of the first three has survived…

I tried my best to get a clear closeup and noticed that the serrated tips are curling up. I remember seeing this from some other journal. Heat stress? Possibly. My log shows that the average temp is about 85 - 88 F. I have a fan on the plants. Since the other two kacked I turned off one of the lights after taking these pics. I’ll see what ambient is tomorrow.

And the newbies are strong! Definitely NOT overwatering them. Also the weak H2O2 seems to be really helping. I can tell that there is a rapidly growing root network under the surface.


ah hell ya! getting the hang of this and also found a better camera app for my phone…

2 days and…

Top view…


Try to get it down, that’s why the leaves are curling, most likely. Also, don’t point the fan directly at them. Either bounce it off a wall, or face the fan away from them, so the air it’s drawing is pulled across them. Try to keep airflow moving in from the bottom of the space, out at the top. Point a fan at your lights to move the heat upward and away from them, and toward the exhaust.

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