First time grow first problems :/ hlp Gnomo auto 5w

Hi everyone! I am first time grower, everything went fine but started to see some problems on the leaves. Was wondering if i could get advice from you :slightly_smiling_face: growing in 60 60 90 (23.62 x 23.62 x 35.43 inches) mars eco 600w .
Using coco and perlite using plant magic + (for coco). She is 5 weeks old, was feeding her using recommended guidelines (100-300 first 2 weeks and 400-550 so far, adding 0.5 ml/l cal-mag, 6 PH as recommended on the bottle ) feeding each 3 days. Run off is 546 and between ph 6.6 and 6.8 (using drops) , temperatures 27 Celsius, (80.6 Fahrenheit) keeping light at 35 centimeters(13.8 inch) from the tops. have a humidifier inside, the switch is set on 65% relative humidity, another hydrometer between of the ladies(in the middle) stays in the 60%-50% bracket.

though maybe it is cal mag deficiency today raised to 1,5ml cal mag and less nutrients 460ppm Plant magic+ Bloom 6ph. or maybe it is zinc? …Hlp please :slight_smile:

How are you measuring PH and TDS? Digital meters do a much better job than strips or drops.

Curling, twisted leaves can be a sign of calcium def so dosing at recommended package should help.


I am using digital meter to measure ppm and drops for pH ( digital need to be calibrated often)
Looks like it is cal def and under feeding ) after increasing plant looks much better, will see how it is recovering. Thank you

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