First time grow ever. Blue Dream

Just finished buying all my equipment and the seeds very excited to start this. Very nervous as this is my first time growing anything. Tips, support, help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be reading all the information I can get.


Welcome to the forums! Search away or if you have specific questions, ask away!

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Absolutely. Start a grow journal and there are a lot of experienced growers here who will be happy to help you along the way.

Welcome to the community.


Once your up and running, post some pictures for everyone to see. Best of luck to you on your first grow!

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Welcome to the community. Fair warning…Blue Dream is pretty aggressive and dominate a grow tent fast. They can reach over 78” tall indoors.

You need to stay on top of them or you will have your hands full.


@SpicyBoiRoyce you should definitely consider starting a journal. I was starting my 3rd grow and started journal, best thing I’ve done as far as being successful. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers in one location. Experienced growers can follow along. By putting pics up in one location someone may notice a issue before you become aware that there’s a problem. That’s exactly what happened with me. Welcome to ILGM forum and Good luck.


Welcome to the forum. Tell us what you have going on.


Thank you so much for the support. I will be posting all the information I can or asked for because i know i will need yall to not kill these plants. Thank you!

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I would love information on what to do to help them not grow so tall. I’ve read about pruning, I think i understand that pretty well. I don’t understand when people say, “to put them under stress”. Any more information would be welcomed greatly.

Absolutely will! I can not freaking wait. What are you currently growing?

I can send you pictures of all the equipment I have bought!

@Zee I would love information on lighting. How do you know how high to have? Or how close to the plant. I have questions on the stages of life too. “Vegetation Stage” “Flower Stage” or I’ve seen it called “Grow Cycle” and if you think i will even need a humidifier in a 3x3x6.

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You can do what is called LST aka Low Stress Training. I grow monsters indoors and I don’t train. You can also SCROG which is probably the best way to help contain BD.

If you have a Blurple light off Amazon, height shouldn’t be an issue. Now if you are running HLG lights, then height will be an issue.

You have several options where you can control thr beast within BD. :+1:

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Here you go:

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@SpicyBoiRoyce, am a first time grower. I will help if I can, but will tag some mentors, and see if they can help with your light question, keep in mind the more specific you’re the better. For example, what size tent? what strand of seed? @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser.

This is what I do and I don’t recommend my style of growing. You have to think fast on your feet due to what I do.

I don’t know anyone that grows like I do. Example…

This is one of my beasts. I also do this under a 12/12 light schedule from start to finish.

Here is one of my small colas.


Here’s a good place to get started with reading in addition to others grow journals


Welcome to the forum!

I think you should focus on your next move. For example, getting your tent setup. If you have questions, ask them. Once your done post some pictures and put it on a dry run. When you’re confident you have that settled you should be looking into germinating your seeds. Once you have that rolling, what to do with them once they crack. And so on.

There’s a lot of information and best to take it in small steps. One you have seedlings going you’ll have plenty of time to figure out your next move.


welcome to the forum buddy, reading lots and posting your progress will help you along the way, as everyone has said… :smirk: :wink: get everything ready buddy and put some pics up… im growing a couple of blue dreams atm… :roll_eyes: :smirk: :grinning:


4 White Widows in flower. 4 L.A. Confidential in veg. And 3 homemade, Golden Gorilla. Cross between Gorilla Glue and Bergman’s Gold Leaf.

You’re going to get a lot of good advice from other growers on here. You should check out their grower journals.
I wish I had these people around on my 1st, 2nd, 3rd grows… lol. But that was years ago and a lot of trial, error, and success. And I’m still learning.
You’re starting off better than I did. Buying seeds and starting with good genetics is the first important step. You’ll do fine.

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