First time grow, do I add nutrients?

Hello, I’m currently in week 2 of veg. My plants are looking good after transplanting. I’m using pro mix premium potting mix
which has 9 months slow release fertilizer. ( I heard not to use slow release but they sell it at our local grow shop so I decided to go with it.) I’m wondering if i should get some nutrients. I’ve scoped these nutes out on Amazon.
If the plants aren’t showing any defencies should I add anyway or just leave them? Thanks.

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I was looking at the promix on the link. I’m not real sure about adding any nutrients yet. It may be difficult to know for sure when or if you will need nutrients. There’s a few people here that can possibly be more helpful in determining exactly what is in the mix you’re using. Generally speaking it’s not usually a good idea to use slow release soil mixture with cannabis. You’ll have no control over what your ladies will be getting and how much. As long as they aren’t showing any signs of problems I wouldn’t be adding anything yet.



The slow release nutrients may cause issues.


Thanks for the reply @Covertgrower, @Bulldognuts. I did find the NPK ratio on the soil is 0.30 - 0.12 - 0.12. Does this give you any insight on if to add nutes or not? I put alot of time and money into this first time grow and just want it to go right. Thanks again!

Unless you’re seeing deficiencies, I would wait and see.


Like CG said: no nutes in amended soil, especially timed-release. Maybe do a little research on Promix soil?


I’ve never used that version of promix and I never would as I stay away from any soils with extended release ferts in them.


Using the same mix. Did you change it or add nutes.

So far, so good for my girls. I got a mix of outdoor and indoor and the only issues I’ve had so far are heat (indoor) and pests (outdoor) but I’ve corrected those problems and they seem to be doing fine. I’m going to transition to flowering shortly but I’m keeping an eye out for P,K nutrient defencies while flowering incase I need to add some extra nutes.mind you I’m a first time grower and it may depend on strain your growing but fingers crossed so far that these baby’s will make it to harvest.

Were you adding nutrients to the promix. Or just water.
So far 1 month in I have just been adding water.
First time grower also.

I never added any nutes yet. I probably wouldnt add any and just keep an eye out for any issues. What strain are you growing?

Got the seed from a friend of mine. Wasn’t sure. OG kush northern lights or gorilla glue. Was one of them. How old is your plant now. Mines at 4 weeks with just water. Got some MG wears going to add it. But plant doing really well. Maybe I’ll wait and just keep watering.