First time grow, clones look sad

Hi there, first time grower here. I recieved two clones from a friend of mine that didn’t know much about his plant too be honest, I didn’t receive very much information. Clones came in red solo cup with organic soil. One looked droopy when I got it… It’s been 3 days, I have them under purple leds with domes, have been misting 3x daily, it’s 23° C inside here. Here’s some pics:

I clipped the largest fan leaf on both plants… It was weighing both of them down. I’m noticing brown tips on new growth at the top, wondering if a keen eye could point anything out or give some tips. Have been misting with plain water.

3 days since cut? Or 3 days since u got them?

More of were they rooted first? If so u can pour on that girls roots. Regardless u dont want ur soil bone dry.

Second cup looks exact opposite. Too wet :man_facepalming:t5: Ridiculous how finicky some situations are

3 days since I got them, they seemed really fresh cut when I got them though. They offered no resistance to a light pull at all, so I figured no roots. I’ve only been misting the domes because I’m scared to over water. The first cup I actually topped with some soil to try and hold the main stem up better. The soil under is quite wet.

Ah. Then yes keep misting. You dont wanna soak the stem.

The cups do have slits correct? Gotta drain the water. Cant let it sit

Cups both have 4 holes drilled into the bottom, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen water drip out a few times. Other than the dirt looking inconsistent, is there anything else that looks wrong with my plant? It almost looks like some of the leaves at the top have burnt tips… I have only had them in mild shade outdoors or under my leds

But no dome.
They absorb moisture through the leaves until they get roots. Spray and dome them. Dimmed lighting as much as you can. I’ve even placed a sheet of paper over my miniature greenhouse to diffuse the light.

Top one looks almost wilted (air pocket or dried) out. Spray n dome. It still has green tho so can pull thru.

Bottom one looks alive.

They are domed, kinda. I’ve been letting them breathe whenever I mist the inside of the dome, so 3x daily. I’ll try and then the lights down, they are already pretty dim to start with though. Thanks for all the input, hope they pull thru.

If not, grab more cutting and an aloe plant. Round 2 it is!

Sounds like either you snapped the new roots, or perhaps they were just dropped in the soil hoping they’d root.

I tried to be really careful to only lightly pull and I’m talking light and they moved so I’m hoping I didn’t do any damage. Are the bottom leaves drooping more a sign roots are developing or? I just want to make sure my clones are viable.

U just want em to stay alive and green. 2 weeks usually to start rooting in dirt

Day 5. Woke up this morning to white webby looking mold I’m presuming on the stalk of one of my clones. Should I give up? Is this the end? Here’s a pic.

@PurpNGold74 @Drinkslinger @Covertgrower anyone have anything close to good news :frowning:

Still a bit green… but those arent roots. I dunno what to call it… mold/fungus/might be helpful bacteria?

@MattyBear not a good sign huh brah?

Soil is too wet. It needs to be moist, there aren’t any roots so there’s no reason for it to be saturated. Not looking good, unless you can dry out the soil.

If you have spare soil, change out the soil, and start over, reinserting the clone. At this point I would cut the stem again on the bottom, reapply rooting hormone, and hope for the best.
I give this a 50% survival rate at this point. There’s still hope, because it’s not completely wilted and clones look rough for the first week or two.

Make sure to keep a dome over it so it doesn’t lose moisture through the leaves.

Had to work, came home at 6 after leaving plants outside in shade to dry, stem looks like this lol

I dunno anything about growing anything but I’m pretty sure soggy brown stem = my babies are gonna die :frowning:
Anyways, gonna go try and convince my buddy to let me cut another clipping. I’ll do things differently this time :joy:

That clone still has life left.
If you cut off the brown, and replant it may still survive.
If you do that, and keep it domed, so it doesn’t lose moisture through the leaves.

So I just got back from work, but this morning I went and got rooting gel and clipped the plants as you said. I was very shocked when I pulled the clones out though (prior to cutting) because the stem extended literally 3.5 inches into the dirt, which I received soaking wet. No wonder it got soggy and tried to kill my babies lol. I’ve got them inside, replanted in different cups, with vented domes and I’ve sprayed the domes once. Temp is 24°C. They are looking greener than before lol I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Cheers for the help mate.

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Don’t mind my “domes” lol. Figured I’d post a pic today. This light is a lot softer too, it’s a CFL but I have a sheet over it.

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