First Time Grow - Butterfly issue

Hola! This is my first attempt at growing plants : ) 2 Amnesia Haze, 2 Blueberry Auto-Flower

These were planted at the end of April and seemed to be growing well. . . Then mid June we had the most beautiful visitor (pix attached) It took me a hot minute to realize Butterflies are not are friends!! I proceed to smash quite a few caterpillars that infiltrated my plants : (
Yes, I still feel a bit guilty! Anyway, plants are not looking so great now, there are buds for sure but the plants don’t look that healthy (except for 1 BBerry that they did not eat.)

My question is basically: Do I cut and dry these now? Or do I wait and see if they bounce back? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!!

BFly Visitor 2020.0619|375x500

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They are some gorgeous evil little buggers. And those pillars can infiltrate buds and destroy them from the inside out…

Im sure if u caught them early enough, ur fine. @GreenJewels is my ButterFly woman. (She grows em almost as pretty as her weed!) J. Do u have something flower safe he can get to deter the pretty little pests?

Welcome to ILGM @GreenaGal


Thanks! Yes, the butterfly is gorgeous, I still have to chase it away everyday! Like clockwork it shows up around 1:00pm, LOL

I don’t think it infiltrated the buds…but, this is still such a learning experience!!

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The butterfly, in its final form, won’t eat or infiltrate your buds, but the larvae in the eggs they lay on your plant will. They’re also pollinators so there’s that to watch out for if there are any males nearby.

Getting something like a fake owl might keep them away as birds are a natural predator.


This beauty definitely left the larvae, pretty sure I have removed them all, but the plants are just not looking good ant longer.
Great idea with the Owl! I’ll try that next time : )

Wow, that’s a monarch. Usually they are picky and feast on milkweed. Idk what to say because I love them. And there’s really not enough milkweed that’s not toxic around so the poor things we’re probably starving. But I do love weed too, so I get ya :wink: The butterflies put their eggs underneath the leaves, look real good and physically remove any you find. The eggs you don’t find will hatch and become eating machines. When you find those caterpillar, gently remove them and put them all on a milkweed plant far away from your grow :stuck_out_tongue: :broken_heart:
I’ve heard this stuff kills them but I wouldn’t spray it on your buds.


I know!! I do have a smallish Milkweed that they feast on every year : ) This one is a Giant Beauty!!
Unfortunately the Milkweed was in my Courtyard with the Weed Babies, as I had no idea that it would be a problem for these girls : (

This is why I felt TERRIBLE smashing the little larvae, they were just too small for me to re-locate : ( I moved the Milkweed to the front yard, I’m hoping to train them to stay away from the Courtyard. When the Butterfly comes around I’ve been covering the plants with a screen cover to deter him.

I just don’t think the Weed plants have recovered : (

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