First Time Grow: Blueberry and Sour Diesel Autoflower

Strain and type: Sour diesel and blueberry - both autoflowers
Size of space (2x4x6)
Soil: FFOF with a core of FFHF for the seedlings
pH? Water is at 6, haven’t tested runoff yet
Nutrients: none yet
Temperature: Avg temp 74.6
Humidity: Avg RH 77.2%
Lights: HLG 260w xl qb
Ventilation system: 4" 106cpm
Dropped in soil: 8/1



  • Tent: 2x4x6 Mars Hydro tent
  • Lights: HLG 260xl QB
  • Vivosun 4" carbon filter
  • AC Infinity 4" booster fan
  • Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor (bluetooth, I should have gone wifi)
  • Random humidifer with humidistat
  • Random low-tech space heater
  • Pots: 4x5gal Fabric “smartpots” from Vivosun
  • Medium: FFOF, made a core from BlackGold Seedling Mix

Day 5 since dropping in soil (8/1). I have the light at 50%, 24" above the top of the soil. I moved it down to about 18" so we’ll see if that helps the legginess. Going to pile up the soil around the base a bit, as per @blackthumbbetty.

Looking leggy on 8/6


You’re off to a good start looking good, The unit sitting over in the corner I would get creative an figure out how I could get that out of the tent. With 4 plants in a 2x4 space you are going to need all the room you can get. Just my thoughts good luck.

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Yeah it’s tight. I was thinking I’d aim for the stars in case one (or more) fails. I may play with putting it outside the tent at one of the vents to suck in the warm air.

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Yeah I’ve done the same thing start 4 seeds thinking that i would end up with 3 and then try to squeeze 4 plants in.

The blueberry autos I grew stayed really compact but they were in 3 gal fabric pots. I have 5 AK47 photos that I started a week ago but will only have room for 4. One won’t make the cut.

@3dots I would like to watch if that is ok, very nice lights wait for week 3 and 4 exciting times with those lights

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I appreciate the follow! Yeah everything I read so go in for the best lights you can afford. It’s been a pricey operation so far, but hopefully well worth it. My girls are hanging out at about the same height now, building roots I’m assuming. I can’t wait until I see some more action!

week 3

week 4

week 3 and 4 exciting times

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I’m amazed at how fast they grow!

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Watering question: my beebs haven’t had any above ground growth in the last 2-3 days. I have been watering 5ml pH water at the base 2xday. It JUST occured to me that, becuase I have a core of seedling soil instead of the FFOF, I may need to start feeding them. Is that a correct assumption, if so when and how much.

I have General Hydroponics 3 bottle system on hand already for my tropicals/exotics but can get something else if it makes sense.

@3dots ,you shouldn’t be watering twice a day . you want moist , then dry. if the roots stay wet they will get root rot. If growth has stalled they are growing roots. If you are in happy frog surrounded by FFOF you will not need any nutrients till flower. If you check the run off PPM on your soil .I bet it’s over 1800ppm .way more than you need

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It’s in gold coast seedling soil, not the Happy Frog. I don’t have PPM yet and I’m only water so little there’s no runoff.

I don’t advise any nuts till after the 3rd sets of true leaves @PurpNGold74 .what do you think. Every mistake I’ve made was from doing too much.

get a better one before your next grow

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Oh, it is Black Gold seedling soil, not Gold Coast. Thanks for the recs. I was just looking! As far as watering then, I’ve just been doing the 5ml on around the base. Is there another method I should be looking at?

If you think they need more water go with 10mL of water and used a kids medicine syringe to administer it. in a circle around your plant . you want the roots to search a little bit for it.

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My TDS and PH meters came today. Made a slurry of the Gold Coast and it came to 216ppm and 6.5 pH. Seems like a good start for the seedlings! JUUUUUST formed the second teeny little leaves on top of the two main leaves, so they are doing something!

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I can’t wait to see what those lights do, your 260xl inspired me to upgrade my hgl to the triple slate

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