First time grow (blue dream autos) looking for advice

No holes spray 1 time a day with holes, 2 or 3 times a day.

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Ok I did put a hole in the top just a small one. I’ll start spraying it multiple times a day then. Maybe just not enough moisture in the dome. I’m thinking if I don’t see any sprouts coming up in the other pots I’m gonna investigate and probably end up putting new ones in. I’m gonna use a pen tip to poke the hole in the dirt. I’m starting to think I buried them a little too deep even though I only put them like half of my fingernail deep

The other thing is if I need to plant some new seeds because the others didn’t sprout, watering the pot again is a good or bad idea or just check the weight and do it if it’s dry?

I’m just worried about pissing nutes out of the soil by watering it to plant new seeds multiple times and depleting the soil.

Again sorry im an overthinker I just like to understand all the nuances of it!

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You shouldnt be watering enough to have any runoff yet.

No no I mean before I plant them so when the seed goes in the pot is wet.

Yeah I learned my lesson last time about overwatering lol

I figured it being a 5 gallon pot to run like a gallon through it so it’s thoroughly moist in the pot. Then let it drip out then plant the seed

Too wet, IMO. When I drop a seed I give it 30 ml water. Thats it for its first week.

Ok so I don’t need to soak the whole pot beforehand then? Because you do what I do right, you don’t transplant you just put it in the bigger pot right away

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So it sounds like you plant the seed then put the 30ml of water where you planted the seed am I correct?

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Yes. Then either dome it or stick a humidifier in there and keep it around 65%rh

Alright I’m gonna done it then because I have a cool mist humidifier and it will cool the pots down. And I’m gonna just poke a hole with a pen or pencil for the seed, I dig up the others and found them sideways with the taproot just hanging out. Feel like I put them too deep

Dont go deeper then 1/2 inch

Yeah like I said I’m just gonna use the tip of a pen to poke the hole

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Hey real quick, at this point can I use a paper clip or some other method to straighten the one sprout I have? It’s gotten taller and the leaves have gotten bigger but it’s growing crooked.

And I can see what you mean by vivosun not being the best. I set it to recommended height and power for a seedling and it’s still all leggy. Lowered it like 4 inches see if that helps but can’t wait to get an upgrade for sure

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Sure can, i use an oversized spring.

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Yeah I used a paper clip with a little loop on the end. Works pretty good :+1: just gotta dial the light distance in now

Definitely buried them too deep before. The one I planted two days ago has already sprouted after using the tip of a pen to poke the hole.

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After I lowered the lights it seems like the leaves on this guy are turning a light green almost yellow. Anything to worry about?

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