First time grow (blue dream autos) looking for advice

Hey everyone, just started a grow of blue dream autos, being my first grow I’m anxious to make sure my babies stay healthy!

Long story short, planted 5 seeds after soaking, 4 sprouted and one has not yet. Has been a week and a day since first sprout. I will admit I overwatered them for a few days (watered them 1-2 times a day) and growth seemed to stop. Let them dry out a few days and all seems to be well again although one still hasn’t sprouted.

Just curious if it may sprout, also curious if they ones that did look happy at the moment! Would love feedback from the group! Will post pics of them now

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They can be stubborn sometimes. I have heard of seeds sprouting after more than 2 weeks so never say die.

Most new growers do that. Your sprouts don’t need water for at least a week if done correctly. ( Plant in pre-moistened medium and cover with a clear dome)

Yes please, lots and lots of them. :grin:

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This is the one that sprouted first. Seems ok now. And it’s been about 10-14 days since I planted them. I can’t even find the weed that didn’t sprout in the dirt!


The others are slightly smaller but look about the same in color. Leaves aren’t curling anymore so that’s good. Temp has been between 75 and 80 with the humidity at ~65%. There is one that looks like it’s pretty far behind but it did sprout and the seed casing is falling off. Hopefully it gets going!

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As someone who just harvested 3 blue dream autos not too long ago, make sure it smell is an issue to have a carbon filter or a way to hide the smell. Mine were STINKY. As an example I had them in a basement probably 50 feet or more inside the room. Inside a tent etc. If I just opened the door from outside for a second you could smell them a couple hundred feet away outside literally outside of the house. I didn’t think I was worried about smell but I ended up getting a carbon filter just because. Good luck and you will be super happy with the end result.


Hey guys just wanted to put this up. This is one of the 4 that sprouted. The others look happy and are growing new leaves and have a nice green color. This one as you can see is not doing well.

It looks like it is rotting and may be because of my overwatering I had mentioned. Any chance this little guy recovers or is it time to condemn it?


To me, it looks as if it has membrane from the inside of the seed stuck to her.

Mist her lightly to moisten the membrane and then gently try to encourage it off with splinter tweezers or a toothpick.

Slow and easy does it!

Ok I can give that a try. See what happens.

One other thing are there any tips to lowering the humidity in my tent? I have a small dehumidifier in there but it’s not lowering it as much as I would like. Keeps it about 65-70% which is great right now being seedlings but want to cut it back when they get bigger.

The answer is the same as for temperature: ventilation. I use an input fan and an exhust. Keeps the air moving.

I always seem to have to opposite problem though, I have to humidify regularly.

I do have an intake fan in there on high right now. Have the duct work stretched down to the lower vent hole to try and draw in cooler air.

Another question I have is what kind of light cycle works best? I’ve seen that you can leave them on all the time with autos just want to see what others have experienced

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The best advice that i can give you is to use the k.i.s.s. method and dont over love ur plants for seedlings need a shot glass of water every three to four days maybe even a week .what i normally do is i mix two mls of seaweed liquid into one litre of water and i use this to water my seedlings for the two weeks the seaweed liquid helps with root growth and development aswell as growth it doesn’t burn the seedlings ,but most of all have fun growing and dont expect to much out of ur first grow always expect the least that way u dont get ur hopes up but if u get more then what ur expecting then you will be happier

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Best light cycle for me with autos: 18/6, but I do it as follows: 6 on, 2 off - repeat. That’s one of the things to help keep heat under control.

If you are using an intake fan, you also need an exhaust fan, with or without a carbon filter. You only need the carbon filter if you’re trying to control odor. Otherwise, just get another fan and guide the hot air out. My intake fan vents into the bottom of the tent, and the exhaust is at the top of the tent.

Best advice I can off has little to do with the plants, and more to do with your attitude towards the plants.
Be observant but not obsessed…
One of the things new growers often do (I know I did it) is worrying about every little aspect and discoloration to the point of loving them to death.

Obviously you want to water, but very little at first, but just do your best to remember a lot of what they gonna do, they are just gonna do (genetics and what not)

It might seem counter intuitive, and take my advice for what you feel it’s worth, but don’t worry about them incessantly and try not to overthink things too much
You can drive yourself crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re not wrong lol. The second they sprouted I was watering them and obsessed. I’ve since realized that’s not gonna do any good.

I’m just looking to gather as much info as I can to use as little tips here and there. I have the light on all the time in there which I feel like is alright given how young they are.

Wondering once they hit the next stage if I should go to less light at times.

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I personally believe that they benefit from having some dark time. I’d give them 4 hours of rest time until ready to flip to flower. (If autos, they’ll flower when ever their genetic clock tells them to)

I grow autos, and mine stay under 18/6 seed to harvest, I find this the best schedule for them as they still need dark period to photosynthesise

Will have to experiment over time with that. They seem a lot better now that I let them dry out and cut the water way back.

The little guy that I was worried about didn’t make it, went to check and it was shriveled up and brownish. :cry:

The three that lived look happy and I’m so pumped! All are growing new leaves it looks like and getting taller it seems every day!

Gonna use this as a way of tracking my progress.they turned two weeks old and are growing new leaves everyday it seems like!

One of them is leaning to one side more than the others, is this ok? Idk if it will straighten out as it grows or if I should use a paper clip as a stake. Any little tips help!