First. Time grow Big Bud fems

Hey gang first time grow for me with these baby’s. They’re growing fast but not so much in height . Not to sure how to help the inside tops to receive adequate light :sweat_smile: any suggestions

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It looks like you’re LST’n? Is this a photo period or auto? My advise would be to cut them large fan leaves and give it some time. If you’re bending away from the center they should pick up steam.


Mine are looking very similar! I’m set to watching to see how things progress!

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The pair of big fan leaves don’t look like they’re shading much. They’re sticking out pretty far if so leave them. LST training is a must tie them down if you have to. Then determine which leaves are blocking the young sprouts and try to move the leaves or remove them. Dont start with to much trimming, as little as possible. You’ll get the hang of it after a couple trimmings and you determine if she likes being trimmed. My sour diesel loved being trimmed and lst’ing.


I have attempted to LST them and they seem to be somewhat stubborn thanks all for the suggestions I will take into account

Keep at it they’ll lay down for you.

These look like they’re shading more of the inner plant than the big fan leaves.

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I find that trimming large fan leaves helps then to put energy into other parts of the plant rather than focusing on maintaining big fans. I get the idea that these are your solar panels but I think strategic trimming can boost growth. And yes if anything is blocked make adjustments. Light and air will help.

And right on with the two there. I think they should be snipped.

I had a gelat.OG from seedsman that grew this exact same way. I couldn’t LST it to save my life cuz the branches would just snap even with only 4 nodes on it. In hindsight, I think I should have topped and supercroppped it cuz it was a bear to try training but still got a decent yield off it. Be vigilant whatever you do cuz it.looks like its gonna get extremely bushy.

I agree about the big and circled fan leaves. I usually push it as much as I can with trimming. A lot depends on the strain, some like it some not so much.

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Yeah I think if they clip the two biggies and the two you circled they would be Gucci in just a few days. I just had a Laughing buddha with 40 leaves on it this size mainlined in a 3 gal smart pot. The moment I started cutting the height exploded and I was not ready :sweat_smile:.

Acapulco Gold
Month old

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Looks good. What’s your plan? I always wanna do one big plant but then I see my strains and I be like nahhhh. Tryna talk myself into that with some watermelon zkittlez but this iced grapefruit calling me too

Durban Poison and Acapulco Gold this grow and maybe an ultra lemon haze auto.

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