First time grow, auto with led help please forts and ideas

Iv done it anywys iv only give the 3 11l pots about litre between them though or would you do it till it comes out bottom its them fabric pots too cheers buddy appreciate it

Too soon for run off. Just a cup of water is all it needs.

Great that should be about right then :+1: I shall keep you updated

It pays to read all sorts of posts around here, even if not relevant by thread title. Never know what useful bits your gonna come across.

OP listen to covert about the water. Less is definitely more with watering early. number one rookie mistake as far as I can tell.

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@Covertgrower @Eagles009 @Dagao22 I know it’s only early but like to be prepared, but I was thinking to top and scrog but now just thinking to scrog and just top next time don’t want to push it, so with scrog with it been an auto, when is best time to get the net out, like isit so many weeks, certain height for the plant, how high does the net need to be ect? I heard you just pull the stems below the net horizontal so the arms grow up, appreciate any help in this thanks guys :+1: I have a 450w viparspectra led will this be good enough to do this?

It depends more on how large your plant is. Some go for halfway down the plant, and others like the top 1/3.

But don’t you choose your height or do you mean like depends on how well it grows, take it I should know by the weeks when it starts coming out the soil? On one of the seeds one of the roots was like less then a cm and the 2 others was just cracked and poking out a little, so those might take abjt longer? I don’t really know, or iv seen a thing don’t know what it’s called, where you just tie the main stem down or use that u thing what goes into the soil, would this maybe be better for me or would you just see how it goes before making a decision thanks

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Hi @Covertgrower just wondering on my led theres a veg and bloom switch, nothings come through yet like fingers crossed tomorrow, its on veg atm but isit worth keeping the bloom on to thanks

Just veg for right now until they poke through the soil. After they get 3rd set of leaves, you can turn the bloom switch on.

Spot on cheers bud :+1: what ph would you say is best for auto’s. I fort 6. 5 to 7 but just seen 6.0. 6.5 is better for auto’s is this true

Hi mate can you take the topic down please I fudged it lol, soil to loose think when I waterd it, it swallowed my seed cause it wasn’t on the top, lucky got all the stuff for free, still gutted though going to start again with auto maser, Northan lights auto and strawberry banana auto, got the gist of the start now so hopfully I’ll get through the first part this time, going to get some plastic cups too :+1:, I dint let the roots come out much either so lesson learned :+1: joys of been a newb haha

That’s alright. Stuff happens. Please refrain from using the f word. Happy growing.

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Sorry didn’t realise haha cheers :+1: