First time grow auto root problem?

Okay, these plants were germinated the same day, can anyone help, the seedling that never took off was a white widows auto and the other is a WW feminized. (I pulled it out today, not trying to save it trying to understand what happened to prevent it in the feature)


it is hard to say what happened here…in hydro you can easily drown a new plant if you don’t have good circulation and air…what other info can you give us

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It’s not made it out of the germination container, it was in the same water and coco block as the other, ph 5.6 quarter of a inch of water in the container.

If this seedling was sitting in water…in my experience this is never a good idea and would explain why it looks like it does…it drowned…


Then how else should I start these.

I used these same peat starters when I grew in dirt…but you can’t let them sit in water…empty the pan of water after a few minutes because they will have sucked up all the moisture they can hold

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I grow in peat pods. I’ve had 100% results. But, I don’t let them sit in water. Heck I barely water them – unless they are dry. When I do water, its just maybe a half shot glass that they each get. I keep them in a dome, with a heating pad underneath to keep temp and RH up.


Looks to have dampened Off/drowned. For the other WW what’s your bucket numbers as in ec and PH of the nutrient solution :love_you_gesture: