First time grow. Any help is appreciated

Hello everyone, happy thanks giving. I’m planning my first grow. My setup will be in my bedroom since I have no other space. I will be using:
Spider farm 3x3x6 grow tent.
Growstar MN-W3000 led grow light 220 watts
Ipower 6" 350CFM inline fan with air carbon filter and speed control
Ipower 6" 240 CFM Booster Fan with speed control for intake
2 small fans. 1 on ground and the clipped on just below light level
Portable ac that I will try to rig to push cool air tent (if needed)
Fox farm ocean forest soil
Fox farm happy frog soil
Harris premium perlite
I have 2 different nutrients. Gold leaf liquid fertilizer & TPS complete nutrients. I’m going to try the gold leaf first with some botanical cal-mag and botanical hydroelectric bloom for flowering.
A bottle of blackstrap molasses
I have 3 different size fabric pots 1, 2, & 3 gallons. Not sure which one I will be using as yet.
Temp /humidity controller

I will be trying some free autoflower seeds I had gotten.

So I started the germination process by soaking 2 seeds in some distilled water 2 days ago, so far 1 popped and I placed it in a solo cup with some happy frog soil and have it under a little led bulb I had. Now from here what should my tent temp and humidity be for the seedling process. Do I need to run my intake and exhaust fans at this point.


Welcome to ILGM! And happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Im a tad to stoned and not well enough equipped knowledge wise to chime on the whole setup, but I do vote since they auto flowers (hopefully ur sure on that point), you should sow those auto seeds right into the biggest pot available. The 3 gallons from the jump.

Temps when starting seeds is essential! When popping them, you want that water warm especially given its winter and the air in the room can zap water.

Tent starting points should be 75+ degrees and as humidity as you can get it. Anywhere from 50% up works but 70% can and does help


You can probably get away with no carbon filter for now, I usually connect mine closer to flower when the smell profile can really start notifying neighbors


Congratulations starting you first grow! This is a friendly community of growers and always willing to help.

I only have only grown photoperiod plants but celebrate today because you got a seed to sprout!!!


Welcome to the community. :+1:


So at this point what should be my tent conditions. I’m waiting for my seed to emerge from the soil and will be putting it in it’s final pot shortly after. Do I need to run both intake and exhaust fans. What are my Temps and humidity for this stage of growth.

Hi @Mackerel welcome to the community!
I dont think you need you intake or exhaust just yet. Just opening the door a little while should be fine for now, no real carbon dioxide need just yet and no smell to worry about until you start flowering. Seedlings like warm and humid to get started like @PurpNGold74 mentioned. I think a good led light close to the new seedlings isnt gonna produce huge heat but it will keep them warm, so a fan on low setting to start should be fine. Good luck! Lots of good help and resources in this site.


Thank you I appreciate the input.

3 gallon is a good size for autos.
Use happy frog for seed starting and seedlings.
If you drop directly info final pot, I would fill the pot with ocean forest and dig out the center about 6" deep and fill that with something like HF. It is a little easier on seedlings.
Do you know what strain of autos you have?


Yeah I’m growing some deelite autos. I didn’t want to mention the name as I got them from a different site and wasn’t sure if I would violate by doing so. I have a 2 and a 3 gallon pot setup. I filled it to maybe 3/4 with ocean forest and the adden happy frog to the top.

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Thanks thats what I was thinking too.

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I recomend larger container under the risers as it will be a B to collect runoff for testing. That will be important using FF soil and neutes.

Hi congrats on ur first grow now this is where the fun begins ,ok what i normally do that works for me is after the seeds have popped i get paper towel i lay it on a plastic plate then i tip the water and seeds on the paper towel i cover the seeds with the paper towel and then i cover the paper towel with another plastic plate and i put it in a dark warm place for about 24 hours then i put the seeds into solo cups with a mixture of Coco coir and worm castings and then place in my tent i have my humidity around 60-80% and i have my temp around 25-27 Celcius which is around 75-80f i grow the autos in the solo cups until the leaves are poking about a inch or two out of the edge of the cup by that time they will have a great root system then i transplant into a five gallon fabric pot thats what works for me

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So in terms of lighting I’m running growstar mn-3000w 220 watts. Should I follow the manual:
Seedling: 24" brightness 60%
Veg: 18"-24" brightness 100%
Flower: 18" brightness 100%

Or is there another way.

I would run ur light at 50-60% u want ur light cycle on 18/6 or 20/4

How far out of the ground should the sprout be to consider it day one.I just noticed it coming out the ground, not even standing as yet but it’s there, should I start counting now, or wait until its

My 2 seeds not looking too bad.

I consider day one when I see green. My baby White Rhino broke soil three days ago but I am counting day one as two days ago when the cotyledons show green.

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This is Mary at 5 days old. I kept her in the tent with the big light set at 50%.