First Time Grow Amnesia Haze, Northen Lights, & Blueberry

Hello Everyone!

It’s a pleasure to be here, I started my first grow of 3 Amnesia Haze Autos 4 weeks ago I’ll make sure I edit this to include my progress & procedures (Pictures).

I just got back from vacation and had my mother in law continue my watering cycle but I noticed when I got back my girls actually started to flower which I’m excited about but I also noticed that from the bottom going up the leaves are turning yellow. I think it can be either under or over watering but I can be wrong due to my lack of knowledge. I also ordered a mix pack of autos and received them. Yesterday I started germinating 3 (Am H, NL, & Blue B) of them just in case something’s wrong with the three I started with. I’ll have pictures up on a second also sorry if I can’t respond immediately I think I can post a limited amount of time being a new user I browse a lot but didn’t create an account until today.

Thank you all in advance!

5 Days

9 Days

13 Days

Decided to put them in bigger pots so the roots would have more room to grow.

17 Days

21 Days

29 Days (Back From Vacation) They are all flowering but the yellow leaves :pensive:

31 Days I started to tuck leaves under the flowers so they can get as much light as possible. I also had to use strings on one plant because it was leaning didn’t want it to eventually tip over once buds come in.

Mix Pack Came in with Anmesia Haze, Northern Lights, & Blueberry All autos germinating one of each to back me up if the three Amnesia Haze plants are in trouble.

Day 2 Root Showed :blush: Put them in the tent with older sisters.

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Your plants look fine. if your soil feels wet don’t water. if it feels dry water.
but your plants look very healthy



Welcome to ilgm @Nuggyunlimited we like helping folks get their grows right!

Search to forum and find the support ticket and post that here on your topic. Tag me with @bob31 and we can get a better idea of what’s going on!

Id post one but I can’t right now.

The yellowing isn’t necrotic so the plant is probably taking nitrogen from the fan leaves. Your soil may be depleted. (Used to happen to me, now I grow in 5 gal buckets w/Greenfields :wink:) Looks like you’re using Buddha Grow/Bloom. Not sure of the NPK with that nute but you may want to add a little extra of the Grow. Not too much, you don’t wanna burn them and you’re in bloom. Maybe some Hygrozyme or Cannizyme to help break down the nutrient faster since they’re autos. Always check your pH going in and coming out. Grab a ppm/ec meter as well. All in all it’s looking good! :+1:


I’ve been browsing around and everyone’s plants are still pretty green when they first start to flower I know yellow is fine when it’s near harvest I thought it was too early for the bottom half to be yellow. I usually water every other day just enough to make the pot drip a little to keep the soil moist. It’s good to hear they look fine I’m excited to see them grow so fast. I also wanted to ask about curing should I be removing any branches or leaves to help my grow or just leave it be for my first time?

In some of the pics they look a bit dry and I notice you have no trays under them. Maybe removed for pictures but just wondering if you’re watering enough? Just an observation, which might be wrong, since other pics they don’t look as dry.

I think @majicmarkers hit it on the head with the lack of n
Plants look good otherwise
And welcome to ILGM forum @Nuggyunlimited
If you need anything tag a few of us
Happy growing CB


Strain; ILGM Auotflower Mix Pack

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Roots organic potting soil.

System type? HID Indoor Grow Tent

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? PH water

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS This I’m not sure but I can tell you guys what I use it’s called Buddha Grow & Buddha Bloom I use three table spoons of bloom and 1 table spoon of grow per gallon like the bottle instructed once flower started. I’ve only started using it two days ago.

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size? 400 Watt HPS Bulb
Temps; Day 83, Night 79

Humidity; 39%, Night 40% I don’t really see it change since I setup the tent and started the grow it’s been 40% for maybe a week or two.

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: I have the bottom flap on the tent open which has a screen and I run a little fan in there. I’m going to be buying a Carbon filter soon.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: AC

Co2; Yes, No: No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. : I water every other day 16 oz and i let it drip out of the pot a little.

Sorry for the late response new user limit!

That’s a relief! I just ordered 5, 5 gallon buckets I couldn’t find pots with sturdy reviews lol. It suggest 3 tablespoons of bloom and 1 tablespoon of grow. I just started using it two days ago hopefully that helps it out if I don’t see less yellowing within 7 days I’ll try using 1 extra tablespoon of the grow. I’ll order a ppm & ec meter today. I’ll also start recording my ph checks. Thank you for the help man I really appreciate it.

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My wife picked up some trays for me this morning I wasn’t using trays I actually just let it run out of the pot in the tent since the bottom was water resistant I would just clean it up every two days but that’s too much work so I told the wife to bring some trays home when she leaves work today. I think they look dry because i usually snap pics before I water them. Just to be safe I could water them a little more I’m using 16oz of water per plant every other day.

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Thanks CB I’ve actually been watching your Super Silver Haze grow before I signed up as a member lol I like the three led setup man funds are just tight after vacay but once I get back in my groove I’ll upgrade Lights, exhaust, and fans.


@Nuggyunlimited do yourself a favor and go back to HTG for your fan. The Growbrite in-line fans they carry are the best. I think they have either a 3 or 5 year warranty… oh yeah, that ballast you have will last forever too. :+1::beer::smiley:

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Nice :+1:. I’m updating pics this weekend on the scrog tent
We all start out slow bro I started with 1light myself
You’ll get there if you need anything just tag me I’ll assist when I can bro or find someone who can lol
Happy growing brother :v:️️CB
& @Nuggyunlimited if you just started feeding that’s where your problem lies so get some food into them and all will be good the damaged leaves my not correct them selves so watch new growth as an indicator of health

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Water when it needs it. I figured it was something like you explained, which is why I posted with caution, figured you were all set but wanted to mention it in case.


Guys I don’t think its nitrogen deficiency but I think it’s actually too much nitrogen they are starting to get burned. I watered them yesterday with 1 tablespoon extra should I flush them immediately?

I’m already looking into other lights lol I thought it was a deficiency but I think it’s actual nute burns now. Hopefully I didn’t wait too long to fix them.

Being that you are in flower ai wouldn’t jump on it being nute burn so fast your plants want a rather high PK and symptoms are more along what a I would expect from Phosphorus and Potassium def. Just imo

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I’ve been giving them this 3 table spoons bloom since they just started flowering. 1 table spoon of the grow.



Should I add more of one or the other? I could also pick up pk only nutes on my way home from work.

I would say that I can’t see NPK on bottles :wink: but ideally you would want a low N higher PK and you would be looking at aggressive/mature flowering. I typically use additive on top of mature 0-30-20 0-50-30 0-39-25 I add them on top of base nutrients which are what you are using at 1/2 to 3/4 dose you get all the N needed from most base nutrient lines

And an FYI early Bloom is while plant is stretching and until buds are forming pistils
Lol researching your product line super low NPK on all products makes nute burn pretty hard these products are meant for full organic grow meaning just a boost too mixed soil