First Time Grow - 2 WW and 1 unknown - comments/suggestions welcome!

Hi everybody.

I am pretty new to all of this but have been doing some research and put together the below. My setup is a 2’x4’x4’ indoor tent with a 400w HPS light, 4’’ outtake ventilation w/ carbon filter, and 6’’ intake.

the babies:

Unknown #1: Germinated (36hrs in water) June 9 > placed in small starter pot w/ Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil. Sprouted June 14.

WW #1: Germinated (24hrs in water) June 15 > 36hrs in paper towels > small starter pots (McEnroe Organic Lite Growing Mix)

WW #2: Germinated (24hrs in water) June 15 > 36hrs in paper towels > small starter pots (McEnroe Organic Lite Growing Mix)

Day temp/rH: 78-83/45-60%
Night temp/rH: 74-78/55-65%

Having some issues with getting my pics onto my PC but here are what they looked like a few days ago:


This first pic is about 3 days post transplant into 1.7gallon pots. Let the vegetation begin!

here is the vault:





7/8 (Transplant day!):






FYI, what you actually have is an HID (High Intensity Discharge) light with an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb in it. Your plants look good, but you will get much better growth during the vegetative state by switching to an MH (Metal Halide) bulb. Switch to the HPS bulb when you get to the flowering stage. In basic terms, the two bulbs produce different colors of light that the plants react better to at the different stages.


The plant in the last pic seems to show signs of overwatering or it is only my impression? Overall they look pretty good.

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Thanks for the feedback! The bulb I am using is the MH bulb :slight_smile:

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i know i did this a bit late but finally topped!


OK, it has been forever since my last update. Lost power from tropical storm for a week. Things were a bit hairy and I had to get a little creative but we are back online. Things seem to be going OK though, I think.
I do however, have a problem with the unknown, and I think the cause is low pH. The WWs are good at 6.5 in/6.3 out but the unknown is 6.5/5.1 (eek!) and now I am seeing some leaf issues in the last pics below. Temp/humidity numbers are back to where they were pre-power outage (lost it from 8/4-8/11) but the heat and temps were def high for about a week (high 80s temp and high 70s humidity, yeah this climate sucks!). Gonna tag some of the experts I have seen around here and I really appreciate all the help/advice I can get.

Some other points:
Transplanted into 4 gal (final) pots on 8/2.
I’m losing space in the tent after they exploded in size from the awesome sun so I began to migrate them from 18/6 to 12/12 with 1 hour step ups each day. Today I am at 10/14 so will be at 12/12 by Sunday.
For my pH issue I ordered some florakleen that comes today. I was looking to flush her and try to get her into the high 5/low 6 runoff range. Figure going all the way to 6.25-6.5 might shock her too much.
Does my plan make sense? Also plan to start adding more CalMag next feed. Right now I am using the FF trio at 1/2 strength so I’m about to start gently adding in the tiger bloom as I hit flower.
That’s all I got for now. Thanks again to anyone that can help!!





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Looking good.


Agreed with covert look good!

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They look to be coming along nicely - you will need to get to training pretty soon - pull them into line!
Your PH in sounds right - but I haven’t measured run off yet.

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Good job!

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Thanks Budz! Any recommendations on the training? I will admit I have been a bit nervous to start tying them up and was struggling to determine what materials to use, etc. The little guy is pretty bushy too, I hope I haven’t waited too long to start yanking on them stems!

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Thank you!!

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You can easily start tying them down - I started within a couple of days of topping - and you keep tying right into the start of flowering.
Drill a few holes - maybe a dozen around the edge - or you can use bulldog clips and tie from the handles. Get some soft rubber coated wire and gently tie down - they can take a lot of flex while still young.
If you leave it too long they start to get out of hand and it’s not as easy to visualise a final shape.

Get into it! Don’t be shy - they will thank you for the brutality very quickly!

If you have a look back on my journal, you can see how hard on them I was - but compared to some, I was positively gentle! :crazy_face: :v:


really good stuff, thanks so much! last q,12/12 is starting tomorrow, is still ok to tie them down? im sure it will be a couple weeks before i see flowers develop so im guessing that means yes but just wanna make sure i dont stunt flower development. wish i had asked you guys earlier so i could have trained much sooner but if i dont flip now i will run out of tent space.

Thanks again for all the help, your plants look amazing!

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Get onto it - definitely mate.
Do it right - and it will do the exact opposite of stunt their growth! They will catch a breath and go crazy.
Mine are getting very hard to do too much with - except near the terminals - but mine have been worked pretty hard.
Like , I said, you need to train hard now - get them down and under control - it’s all about the canopy - get it as even as you can as early as you can. :slight_smile: :v:

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Got me some training wire, time to go to work…right after a little doobage

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