First time grow, 2 weeks in

OK SO, this is my very first grow ever attempted, I have a single plane in a 24"x24"x36 grow tent one 300w LED. And plant is in 3 gallon fabric grow pot. Girl Scout cookies Extreme auto is strain.

Just looking for any tips, hints, advice on nutrients, light schedule, training to do with autos since all i can seem to find says domt mess with autos because of the short life span. I uploaded some pictures side and top views, plants popped out on the 5th of July. This is her now.

Like I said all help is welcome good and bad.


Welcome to the forum looks good, as far as nutrients there’s many options I use fox farms because I’m in happy frog soil. As far light schedule I run 16 on and 8 dark. Most do lst somewhere around week 3 or 4.


I’m using mother earth coco perlite mix. Forgot to add that

Ok then you have to get on nutrients because Coco has none and stay on your ph.

What is the desired ph for coco perlite?
And powder or liquid nutrients?

@SmallTree welcome to the community.@skorpion has you covered

I’m not a Coco guy I wanna say in the 5.5 range but definitely get a second opinion. I use liquid but it a preference not a requirement.

Ok so got some base,grow, bloom, and cal mag, Dakine 420 nutrients, say to use 2g of calmag and 2g of grow and 2g of base for veg phase, but the suggested feeding is for normal fem plants not auto, would it be safe to just say like half the suggested to not burn it or run the normal feeding for the nutriens

You want to stay between 5.5-6.5, and try to average 6. You do not want, nor would it be easy, to maintain a perfect pH of 6. Stay right around 5.9, but if you’re low one fertigation, try to be high the next. This helps with nutrient availability.

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Small update, I have fed her one feeding of nutrients she seemed to like it :blush:.

Ok since I live in a very rural area with no ready available anything I have to order everything offline, I have decided to start LST with wooden meat skewers until my plant ties arrive :upside_down_face:

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When you take pictures, it’s ideal to show us the plant under natural light instead of blurples. White light makes it so much easier to evaluate the plant.

Don’t feel bad about that, I did the same thing with my first pictures. @KeystoneCops has got you covered on what to do. I will add anything I csn think of. I put a couple of low cost clip on lights in my tent just so I could get good, in focus pictures of my plant and the problem (or change for the better after applying advice). Have a fun grow!

Sorry. Forgot @SKORPION and @Deepsix. This is a great group of people that can help you with just about everything on cannabis. Use the knowledge and pay it forward when you can. Welcome!

Yea I noticed how much different it looks with out the colored lights on it, ill take pictures Tonight in clear light so everyone can get a good look

Thank you everyone for the valuable info!!

Knowledge is the nutrients of life.

Also got my mix pack in yesterday kinda excited about that !!!


Oh and any suggestions on good lights for the 2"x2"x3" grow tent, i have a little ufo led says its 300w but yea from forum reading its probably not that. And suggestions on exhaust system for it because at the moment I have a clip on fan blowing air in, and a really small computer fan at the bottom drawing what it can out.

Thank you all!!

I was talking about a light for that size space earlier hlg 135 is the recommendation.

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@SKORPION is this the light you are referring too?

Also, today I started a blueberry auto seed, trying to just get my hands on as much as I can and try different methods to growing, not looking for giant yields by any means but i have my eye on growing quality smoke that I can enjoy growing and enjoy smoking while growing the next few.

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That’s the one

Hey @garrettV- generally speaking you want you air coming in at the bottom of your tent where it will be cooler. The exhaust fan(s) at the top where the warmer air is. I’m not sure what your budget is for lights, the group might have some suggestions if they know your budget. I have a 2’x2’x4’ tent and had to go cheap as I could. I ended up getting a light at Grower’s House. Its an LED pushing 158 watts and I got it for $99. They have a 320 watt for $199 and a 500 watt for $299.

It’s it true you can find a cheaper light setup than my previous suggestions. But keep In mind the saying you get what you pay for. The hlg will more than pay for itself in the time cut off your grow and the the increase in yield. Although lights may have similar values as far as wattage, there are other factors such as intensity and light spectrum.