First time grow 2 big bud from ILGM!

i have decided to start a grow journal i will be growing two big bud fem plants in a 3x3 tent with a 1200 watt led, and a 4in inline fan with a carbon filter. shooting to keep temperatures 74-79 range and trying to stay about 40-50 humidity. i am going to be using ILGM Nutrients and plant protector in Happy Frog soil. i will try and post pictures atleast 3-4 times a week starting from the bag of seeds to the finshed product. Any help will be very appreciated.


welcome to the forums @jwood . this is a great forum to get help with learning how to do this stuff. folks on here like lots of pics. we are suckers for bud porn. that being said, try to work out a way to take pics with regular lights, especially when you are going for help with things going wrong. purple lights hide things from those trying to help (color of leaves and stuff like that). good luck on your new adventure!

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Good Luck…Enjoy…Most beautiful plant on earth

thank you and i will make sure to use white lights for pictures im sure i will need the help. i started germination last night so hopefully when i get home they will be pretty close to being ready to put in the dirt

i put 5 white widow fems in water and two of them had tails the next morning, the other three took 24 hours.

i went home for lunch and checked on them and one had cracked open and starting to push out its tail and one other had the outer shell cracked and was starting to push out

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btw, your seedlings and germs will want a little more humidity if you can do it. 60 to 70% for germ/seedlings, 50 to 60 for veg and 40 to 50 for flower i think is what they suggest. but 50 to 70 will work for seedlings to veg from others point of view.

when i went home for lunch the temp in my tent was 81.5 and humidity was at 79% but that is just the light one for heat not running the vent now. How long are they seedling? i heard about two weeks but not for sure

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when you want to get a specific persons attention put an @ in front of their name and it will put it in highlight and send them message that you posted to them

example @jwood @monkman

there are grow helpers and stuff on here and a bunch of regulars who have a lot of experience. they are the ones you want to highlight when looking for help, not me, i am 12 days into first grow. Mattybear is one of the moderators and a great help and so is dbrn32 who is an incredible light specialist. don’t be afraid to tell them variables like room size, funds available, and other things like that and they will answer questions accordingly. these are just two and there are lots of guys who are a great help. slowoldguy, bobbydigital, and verndoc have all been a great help to me along with others who i can’t name right now as i just burned a candy kush lol.

got it thank you for the help i really appreciate it

i am having a hard time with this distinction myself. and i was just going to ask when a seedling is considered going to veg state lol. do lots of reading of the guides and the bible that you get for joining here. they will be a big help. i think germ is done when you put the seeds in whatever you are going to use for seedling stage and the plants pop out of ground or peat or pellet… whatever. i used jiffy pellets

i think if you look thru the list of titles on grow journal you might find one that was done on big bud. might give you good comparison.

i tried doing that and i notice alot of people havent posted about big bud or grown it i dont know why i from what i read its a forgiving plant and produces a good yield

i did the white widow because i’m a scrooge and wanted the extra seeds, i will be doing the super skunk next for the same reason. then i will be going thru the mixed bag with baked sweets being the first i buy. i love all three of those strains and have smoked them all in the last year from growers around here. i do know that someone just talked about his big bud grow on another thread but i have no idea where that is now. i suspect someone will chime in when they get to your topic.

down the grow journal list is a big bud auto grow but that will be different than yours, but will give you an idea

i plan on scroging these as well not sure how that will go lol my next grow will be gorilla glue and ok thank you for letting me know im going to go check it out

i have been talking to beginner2 on another thread and he said to look top right for search thing and put in big bud, he said at least two came up when he did it.

he said click on grow journal then use the magnifying glass on top right.

my journal is monk’s first try if you want to see what i’ve done so far, it has been an adventure lol. and i’m only 12 days into this grow lol

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@monkman i dont know if you will know but im sure you can tag someone if you dont. All three sprouted i tried germinating three because i figured id lose one but i only want to grow two for my 3x3 tent. anyway i put two of the seeds in there final place a 7 gallon cloth grow bag. i put them about 1/4 inch in the dirt root down and barley covered them with dirt and sprayed a mist of water in the area. Did i plant them correctly? or did i mess up?