First time greenhouse auto flower questions

Beans are still sprouting in a cup but I just put up a small 4 x 4 tent and noticed little mini fruit fly looking things as I was setting up the tent. I plan to grow mint and basil. I read about some gravel that when put at the base of your plant Makes it hard for bugs to crawl up your plant because it hurts there bodies. Does anyone no what that is called and if that is even legit? And I have also seen my friends use neem oil for there plants but I have read it will make your plants lack nutrients is that true? I am noticing my beans starting to sprout but I was going to give them another day to be Safe however I am worried because of the tiny bugs. Do you think they could be a problem this early and if so what should I do? Also when I put them into there fabric pots with some water, I know the water should be purified clean water but does the ph matter from the first watering? If so what do I want? I have a ph meter and organic ph up and down. Sorry for the word vomit of questions. Just very excited. I have wanted to grow for 10 years and finally reached a point where I can do it and i know and I welcome it because it will teach me, I want to prevent as many fuck ups as I can

also forgot to upload pics. And do you guys think I should get some battery powered fans in there to keep it a little cooler and for air flow? The grow tent does have a mesh screen I can keep open for air flow but is that enough or should i get the fan to be safe? I

Wow that’s alot of questions lol 1st of all welcome to the community. Is there a reason why you can’t just grow outside in the fabric pots? I think you are going to struggle with the heat in that tent. If you have to use the tent then yes on the fans and yes on keeping the windows open. Instead of me trying to explain here how to grow from start to end here’s the ILGM grow bible link I recommend you read it then as you are growing read along again step by step as you go along.
Again welcome to the addiction we call growing weed… have fun and good luck

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Thank you very much. I have already read thru the book multiple times. I even see it mentioned neem oil for pest control but then I saw an article saying that it was bad for the soil in the final days because it takes away some nutrients so I am not sure. I am also growing in the green house because my city says they won’t mess with your grow outdoors as long as it’s a legal plant count and the plants are locked away even if out doors. I also have gardeners that come thru and although I doubt they would steal them I just want to be as safe as possible. I don’t think I’m gonna fool anyone with the greenhouse but fuck it might as well do my best.I live in a legal state but I don’t want any unwanted visitors for a mere 2 autoflowers.

Yes sir, I understand how rules and other people don’t need to know that’s why I am forced to grow indoors now. I believe that you are talking about diatomaceous earth for bugs I use it myself it works as long as it is dry so you have to apply it quite often it does work again once it drys. I also use neem, alcohol, peroxide, soap, and there’s alot of over the counter sprays that are very popular with many people on here. It depends on what bugs are around at the time. I don’t have to many bugs now that I’m inside though.

Those “fruit flies” are fungus gnats. There are many threads on this forum explaining what they do to your plants, how they do it, and what to do about them. Easiest thing to do is put a layer of sand on top of your soil so they can’t get to it to lay their eggs, but there are many solutions including the above mentioned diatomaceous earth and “mosquito bits”.

I searched my Amazon account previous orders for insect control and these came up

Thank you guys so much I really appreciate everything!! I’m going to hit the hydro store after work to get this stuff then I’m gonna get to planting after work!!

One thing I forgot to mention is the yellow sticky cards. My ol lady gets me a 5 pack of those long streamers for flies at the dollar store and I hang em in the corner down low by the pots and that keeps the adults little gnat bastards down pretty good

Thank you all very much. Last night was my first night with my growntent being all set up and it has condensation in it the next day when I went to plant. Did I fuck up not even leaving the vent open when I left for work? I also don’t have a fan in there yet so maybe that had something to do with it