First time girl scout cookie extreme autos

PPM not very high so you should be good for lite dose feedings, and you can pinch off those older damaged lower leaves, damaged leaves don’t do their job very well and you’ll feel better not seeing them.

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@Thisguy352, here’s my gsc

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@AmoebaPillow here’s my 3 autos in same size closet

So you’re about day 30 huh? just in front of me, but your ladies look a lot bigger… maybe bc they’re autos? I’m going to comb dbrn’s posts to find whats best for me- i’m sure he’s answered very similar stuff to me (i’ll also look up what you got)

@MrPeat, @Hellraiser, @Myfriendis410, @Covertgrower i am having a problem with my plants, lots of yellowing brown spot leaves

the other day after talking to you hellraiser i did a little mini flush then the next watering(about 4 days) i used half strength nutes, after that it didn’t get any better so the next for watering ( about 4 days ) i flushed each plant with 2 gals each of distilled water, let drain for about 30 mins and watered 1/2 gal each with half nutes , been 3 days and not getting any better, will probably water tomorrow or next day, everytime i have just watered for the past 4 times i have used 1 1/2 ml to 2 ml of calmag

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Cal mag should address most of it. Find some with some value of N as well like 1-0-0 cal mag.

Damaged leaves will not recover.


i am using sensi cal mag xtra 4-0-0

water with nutes, no calmag every other watering, just water with calmag the other ever other water, been adding some calmag the last 4 times of just watering

Plants look really hungry fpr calmag, up it to 5ml/gal next watering.

ok will do

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@dbrn32 i ordered another one of those lights from hlg, be here this afternoon, the first one i bought has a problem if you turn it all the way up. hlg sending me a new driver, will be here this afternoon, i want to put the new one together and test it out then swap it with the one i am using now( growing autoflowers) do you think that interrupting the light for maybe 5 mins will hurt anything, ( plants are budding)


That would be the equivalent of the sun goin behind a cloud, I think all is well.

Will be fine


did you end up using the foxfarm nutes and Cal Mag?

i am using advance nutes and cal mag

Hey hope all is well. So i made the switch to the organic time release fertilizer and id highly recommend it. I started off using synthetic nutes but after accidentally burning the girls slightly i decided to try Dr. Earth. Its near impossible to burn with organics and you only have to water. And top dress the soil after 30 days. If you get the chance hop over to my girl scout cookie extreme auto first grow

20200819_114428|243x500 On week 9 of GSC Extreme Auto’s. This is my 3rd plant as my Northern Lights Auto’s did not go according to plan. I’m still a novice at this so any advice on this would be appreciated. Any idea’s if it looks ok and when it might be ready for harvest?

Welcome @zuli130. Great community with lots of knowledge.

I’m new at this but looks like you’re just preflower. Autos or photos? I wound guess at least 6-8 weeks of autos. But, autos have their own internal time clocks.

Interesting light set up; haven’t seen that before.

what are those lights, to me it looks like your plants need more light


I was thinking that too. I’ve seen those lights or some similar on Amazon. They didn’t look like they would do much.

What’s the light above your plant?