First time girl scout cookie extreme autos

First time grow, using foxfarm ocean forest in 5 gal grow bags, using a closet that is about 2.5’ x 5’ using 2 viper spectra v450, 6’’ exhaust fan, room stays about 79 to 81 degrees with rh of 55 to 60, plants are 19 days old no nutrients yet, i have the foxfarm
triple pack



@dbrn32 the goal here is to grow big dense bud, lights i have seem to be doing good for veg. but don’t know about when it comes to flowering what they will be like, was kind of thinking about adding 2 HLG 60 Red Supplement Bar,waste of time and money or what, looking to produce good buds

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You’re good. I just harvested 2 GSC and if you can keep those conditions, then your harvest should be great. I didn’t have to start adding nutes until about day 45-50 and I was in 3 gal. Good luck with the grow!

thanks, just don’t want to get to the end and find my buds fell short

Do you have a TDS meter?

Very nice off to a great start !

yes i have one now but with the 5 gal bags and the small plants at the moment i wateredit good a week or so ago till barely i little run off and it took about 6 days or so before soil got dry so haven’t tried it again, waiting on the plants to get a little bigger and drinking more water. what kind of lights did you use and about what was your yield per plant

They’re in the drying phase as we type. I’ll find out the total in about a week.

are your buds dense, my GSC extreme where light and airy I’ve never had this happen

If you were going to put anything in there I would go with more of a base spectrum than something like supplement boards. The light you have already produces a lot of those wavelengths.

Two of them is probably on weaker side for 12 square feet.

In two of them, they are dense to the touch. The last one that I’m having trouble with is kinda airy but it still looks like it has a way to go. I don’t know how long you can keep an auto alive but this one seems like it’s going to push the limit

dbrn32 it is my understanding that you are the light guru in here so i value what you say, so maybe i need to add something like HLG 300L RSPEC ? to what i got and then maybe on next grow get me another one of those, really at kind of a lose here and don’t want to keep spending money on something that is not going to get me where i want to be

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@blackthumbbetty has reported pretty good results with a single 320xl kit in same size space as you. She is an exceptional grower, but once you get your space dialed in I would expect you would do well with one too.


ok that sounds good . better for my size, anybody by chance know how hlg ships, ups. fedex, usps?

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and should i just take the 2 lights i have out now and just use the one hlg or should i use some combo of the 3

They shipped USPS to me in AK. Took a week. Great light for our space. Your plants will not want for any more light if you use the hlg, that’s for sure.


ok thank you so much, will order it right now, i just needed to know how they shipped so i would know what address to send it to


ok i ordered the light, got 10% off with code DUDE.
My next grow is going to be some lsd and white widow photos so i will use the other 2 lights in another place to start veg while these finish


by the way i am in alabama, any other growers from here

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