First time getting high stories


Ok everyone let’s share first time stories @BigDaddyCain @Bogleg @Happy_Pappy @BIGE
@anyone else that wants to chime in looking forward to reading and chatting


Well you got my gram story lol @Grandaddy013 @Growit @Aolelon @Countryboyjvd1971


Lol let’s see who chimes in


We will see it’s not against the rules I don’t think so let’s get some stories


I hope it’s not against the rules. Lol


Some highschool neighborhood friends got some really good Columbian. We shotgunned and smoked alot of if not all of it. After I had gotten home I got paranoid and went down to the woods behind my house. I then started thinking that Bigfoot might not be a fable. Then I got scared and went home and passed out. Scary!


That’s is funny my mom loves bigfoot stories. She’s laughing at your story lol


Haha not my first time but in my first few years. Found my first blueberry flavord hobby. Me and a few friends loved the flavor so much we smoked 4 rillos of grade a +++. All i remember is my boy Lance knocking on the car window (we smoked inside the house) holding my brand new Jordans. Apparently i got so high i got in the car (left the keys on the roof of the vehicle) and took off my shoes before hand. Im hands on the wheel. Shoeless like im in the Indy 500… :joy::joy::joy:


You guys are cracking me up keep them coming
Maybe I should get stoned so I can have a good story to tell as well lol


So what about you young lady?


@Happy_Pappy I don’t really have a story yet. My mom talked me into smoking one with her last night my first time don’t know if I got high or just tired. But my mom got a good laugh out of it.


If you got high, you’d know it.


Do tell how so


You’d experience all of the classic stoned symptoms. If you didn’t experience it, you probably weren’t high. I smoked pot several times before I ever got high. Trust me, you’ll know it.


@Happy_Pappy tell me some more stories I know you must have more lol


I’d be glad to but I have to step out for awhile. If you’d remind me later, ill try and think of a couple.


Good deal will do @Happy_Pappy


I remember another time. Around the age of 16 or so. A summer night like this. 95 + degrees. 85% minimum humidity. Me and same friends were smoking in a shed in my backyard. No ac. Just airtight and super zooted. Only thing is. We really didnt realize it. So we let the smoke out. Smoke piece a black so the house wouldnt reek of ganja and retreated inside for a bit of Super Smash Bros. We get inside. The AC hits us. IMMEDIATELY all four of us start laughing. We laugh. And laugh. And laugh. 20 mins later we finally are in the room with the game finally on. STILL LAUGHING. Havent played a match. My corniest and lamest friend JB blurts out completely at random. ‘Brah… i love yall man. Like for real. Yall are my brothers. Im so !@#ing high i swear im....’ by that time i look up and see my mother standing in the doorway. Shocked as all !@# man… i dont think i had company over again til I graduated. First time she learned i smoked.


Lol that’s the best fought by mom never good it’s that dammit a pothead in the family look she gives when caught lol


Ok my first time… let’s see if I can go back oh 30yrs I do remember we where on the roof of my school it was only 1 stories up but me best friend was so high that he said I bet I can get to the fence and hold on like Spider-Man. Mind you the fence was like 25 feet away. So at some point he jumps up and claps his hands hits his head with his hand and yells “I’m gonna do it now”. And by this point we have all forgot what he was going to do so we just kept smokeing 5 min later we all ask where’s Andy at and we found him on ground in the grass face down like 7ft away from fence then we all looked at each other and started laughing cose we forgot he wanted to try it lol. That was a funny night. Andy is fine so good ending lol