First Time Fertilizer

How do I know how much fertilizer to use for any given product? I often see the ratios but not how much to give based on size of plant or how big the pot is.

Most growers follow the nutrient schedule of the brand of nutrient line they have.

I get that but, it never says 2 cups of the fertilizer/water mix per gallon of soil. Is the only way to know if I am over doing it or under doing it, by the plants reaction?

You could get a PPM meter and check ppm going in. Ppms vary depending on what stage of the grow you’re in.
Jacks 321 is the same all the way through though.


Thank you!

This is one of the most valuable tools any grower will use and they’re cheap. Learning to adjust to an actual value in parts per million is invaluable. That and a PH meter and you’re set.

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