First time fail.... kinda defeated but I'll try again :(

All 3 look ok to me. If your tent is out on your deck the overnight low temps are going to impact the growth for sure, I grow in NJ and I’m still bringing in my outdoor gals overnight. Maybe get them out for some sunshine during the day if you can and wrap the pots with a blanket, do what you can to help warm the soil overnight.

Most of all, don’t give up! My first grow got eaten clean off by deer 6 weeks into it and came back to grow almost 8ft tall!


I would love some advice about lighting and how close my lights should be to the plants :confused:
I’ll be changing out my light tomorrow to a Spider sf2000 in my 2x4 tent.

Right now the KingLED 1200 watt is about 24" from the tops of the plants.

I also know supposedly the Spider has a dimmer as well, so I also don’t know anything about using that either lol

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We just got a frost warning in Buffalo area. What the hell?

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Same near the greater Bing area.

(Side note: I grew up in Jamestown and our family was a huge hockey one. Me and my 2 brothers all played travel and definitely a lot in Buffalo. Go Sabres! Haha)


Lol they are toast this season

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I feel that! Normally mothers day is marker for warmer overnight temps around here. Not so much this year! Low 40s until later this week :pensive:

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Know the feeling, knew Mackay if about growing weed, drowned first lot, 2nd lot were going gangbusters, till vermin decided to 'dine out. Like you frustrated, but will keep going. This site is a great help. Good luck.


So, I’m pretty sure the cold weather was absolutely affecting my grow. It’s been COLD here in the NE, and we have a frost advisory tonight.

So, I have a tent “indoors”, but it was in my back “enclosed” porch room. The floor was straight up just exposed decking and there’s no insulation so yeah… the room is super cold. (Probably 40s in the evenings easily)

I rearranged and moved it actually indoors. Hopefully I’ll see some improvement

(You can see the porch area with decking in one picture off to the right)


Cold is probably the reason for slower growth, but they don’t look horrible. You did good by moving them in. Also, try to water in a ring near outer edge of pot instead of right on the stem. It will encourage root expansion.


Yup New England is cold this year … grow grow grow :fire:


Yes, i bet they are gonna like the new location much better. i see legs under that tent. i have never seen one like that. did you put it on a stand to raise it off the cold floor?

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I’m sure you will see a difference with them inside … I had a issue last grow with the NE weather :frowning:… on my 3rd grow …climate consistency is key as well as good lights, keep at it …practice learn from mistakes you’ll be fine … this community is awesome ask questions everyone is super helpful :smiley:. girls look good :+1:t2:

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I also wondered about the legs

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Good morning everyone! Sun is shining outside and a beautiful day despite it being cold.

Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement by the way.

So I dont know if I mentioned it or not, but my girlfriend had actually named the three babies when they sprouted out. Huey, Dewey and Louie :rofl:

Well Huey actually was the helmet head seed, and the one that’s been struggling the most sadly (she lovingly refers to him as Helmet Head Huey :sweat_smile:). Honestly I didn’t think he’d make it after seeing him on Saturday like this :sob:

So as you know we moved stuff around yesterday to get the tent fully indoors and off the porch. For those of you asking about the legs, we actually had a small coffee table/bench that was in that room and I had the bright idea to put the tent up off the ground to help with heat and keep it off the floor. It actually looks pretty decent and fits perfectly on it!

We moved everything around, I rolled up a joint for us and I ended up falling asleep after a long day of work.

Woke up this morning and lo and behold what do I see?

rubs the sleep out of his eyes

Is… is that Huey!? Bro… you lifting overnight and fighting for those gains??

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Little man almost looks the best already. Now I just need the delivery guy to show up with my new light today and temp/humidity gauge.

Cheers everyone!


Happy new light day. I bet UPS knocks on your door this afternoon! w00t

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Well, my new light came today (Spider SF2000) along with cookie racks (I was using paint trays lol) and officially got myself a cheapo temperature/humidity gauge lol.

I hope the babies like their new home and start growing up!


On your way :+1:t2::alien: :partying_face:

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Good afternoon friends!

So Huey, Dewey and Louie are looking much healthier after my original scare to start the thread.

They seem to be growing much better and I can see new growth and the 5 leafs coming out and hope to see the 7 leafs in the next week.

Perimeter watering has helped for sure, but I believe the main issue of temperature has been solved by relocating the tent. Temps stay around 70s for right now steady which is MUCH better I’m sure from the porch setup.

Thanks again for everything and I’m sure I’ll have more questions!!


Any idea how much water you are giving and how often? At 2 weeks with a similar set up and dont know if im under or over watering lol

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@Timmytwotoke They’re in 3 gallon pots. At first I overwatered for sure, and almost drowned the baby roots and overcorrected and underwatered (see above).

Because they’re still young I’m not concerned with making sure to get run off quite yet, and was told to water the perimeter of the plants to encourage root searching.

I believe last time I watered each of them I gave each approximately 16oz of straight water, slowly, and circular around the edges of leaf spread. I’m not using nutes yet as I have happy frog soil, but I’m prepared to start using the veg nutes, although I’m clueless on that at the moment still. I know the tiger bloom stuff waits till flowering and that’s about it lol

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