First time fail.... kinda defeated but I'll try again :(

First time grow attempt and I’m pretty sure I failed miserably so far.

Basic grow tent set up as I’m clueless mostly:
4x2 Vivosun tent
1200watt KingLED blurple light (which I’m going to return, I have a Spider SF2000 on the way Tuesday to replace it)
Two 4" exhaust fans I mounted into sides of tent. One lower as intake, one upper as exhaust.
3 gallon fabric pots
Fox Farm Happy Frog soil
Fox Farm 3 pack of nutrients
GDP autoflower seeds x3 (from ILGM)

So, everything seemed to start well. I germinated in damp paper towels and all three popped. My “born on” date and into the soil was actually 4/20.

Two of the three popped out of the soil fine, although one had helmet head. I was able to lightly use saliva and remove seed head carefully with tweezers.

Looked fine for awhile, but we’re going on 3 weeks now, still not even really into true vegetative state and growth is stunted completely. The helmet head one is dying a slow death.

Anyways, I’m sure it’s a variety of things. I may have overwatered in the beginning, and overcompensated and underwatered as well. Also, my tent is in my back enclosed porch area and the floor is just decking, so I’m suspecting colder night time temps so far in NY affected growth considerably. I have no idea what temp and humidity is in tent. I did order a temp/humidity cheap monitor which comes Tuesday as well.

So, should I just bail and say screw it at this point? Germinate a few more and start again? I do have 7 gallon fabric pots, but I didn’t know if they’d be too big (looked big haha) so that’s why I went with 3’s. Is the Fox farm soil fine? Should I bother trying to look into perlite? (Mind you, I know nothing and don’t have perlite currently or even know what it is lol)

I’d like to do 3 plants in my tent and 4x2 should be large enough right?

Thanks guys

-One Sad Panda

Here’s two days ago


Trial and error, plus input from forum, and you’ll be golden before you know it! ID keep moving forward.


Forgot to add light info:

Light on Veg mode only. Started lights 30" from pot tops. Lights moved down to 24" after 8 days.

Lights are on 24 hours as I’m an idiot, don’t have a timer, and read autoflowers can have 24hrs and still be ok :frowning:

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They don’t look worth bailing on? I had rough start and now she’s shining.


Even with how old they are already? :frowning:

I’ll take another picture today… just figured they should be MUCH bigger considering today is I guess day 19?

Doesnt matter how old they are. If you start over you wont learn what is wrong. Keep with it and wait for the soil pros to answer.
They dont look to bad to me and can for sure be saved and grow some fine bud.


Why was my post flagged? Did I do something wrong? Sorry, I’m new here :frowning:


My thinking. Look at guides, download bible, and ask questions on here. Im 24/7 learning. That’s half the fun to me. Im only few weeks on here, the forum and your grow will get easier to do day by day.


Looks like someone flagged it because you said the f word lol. Not allowed

And Welcome to the forum !!


Ugh, it was a slip out of frustration that I feel like I failed I guess, especially when looking at other people’s plants and what I expected haha.

I’m sorry everyone and it won’t happen again


@Covertgrower is it possible you can help here and maybe tag a couple others to help as well.

Thanks in advance !!


Look bone dry my friend. They need water to grow. Fox farm soil should be fine. Lower temps will slow down growth but it shouldn’t be that dramatic.

No worries on the f bomb. We flagged this? For shame.



Please refrain from dropping the F bomb on the forum. Thanks and happy growing :metal:


Yes someone flagged your post for the F word. Welcome to the forum and we have a bunch of awesome growers who can answer any and all of your questions. Make sure you read the forum rules and regulations so your aware of the policies in place to keep this place awesome.


If they ain’t dead, you have not failed


As long as you keep the soil moist, these plants will take off. They’re just in a rough patch, they’ll improve in a few weeks with proper watering.


Yep, my take on it too.

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Keep going. Mine looked a LOT worse than that a few months d as go and I harvested the other day. Sure small plant but went through bugs, dry, you name it. Made some nice dry ice hash out of her. Don’t give up!

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Good morning guys. I hope all of you had an excellent weekend.

So I did attempt to water the plants better/properly on Sunday afternoon after speaking with you all. They seem to be improving a liiiiitttllleee bit, but it’s hard to tell after just a day. I’m still hoping that they’ll begin to grow a little better :frowning:

I did prop/support the stems a little bit as two of the three of them were quite weak and falling over.

Red one still looks the healthiest of the three

The blue one looks ok, still small OK,

The yellow was the runt and the wilted one