First time ever making bubble hash


So over the weekend I made some bubble hash! First time ever! It was good, not much of it but man it tasted great and packed a bunch. I used 1 gallon bubble bags and found them on the small size for getting out the hash. It was to difficult but I could see the 5 gallon be much easier. Anyways I have what I have. The process was easy I used some trim and bag of ice mixed and then poured into bags. The biggest things is how do you extract the hash from the bottom of the bags? Spoon? Spatula? I think I let it dry a bit to long but then again it was kind of sticky. I could roll it into a ball. So any pointers would be great. Like how many runs can you get out of some trim or bud?

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@Smokin_ernie I haven’t made it… But following along! @Myfriendis410 made some over the weekend with dry ice I believe?


@bob31 since your better at this I posted a response in the garden can you link it here or move here lol
You know I am no I T guy lol thanks brother


Yeah, my wife and I. It was just too easy compared to the water ice method. And you can sample it instantly.:grinning:


Here ya go CB. @Countryboyjvd1971


It is super easy @bob31 you should give it a go. I have the 1 gallon bags and they work good for the amount of trim I was using. I looking into the dry ice thing.

Maybe you could tell a bit more about the dry ice @Myfriendis410


I don’t have enough trim to make it go yet. When I harvest the gorilla glue and gold leaf I will have a go at it then. I’ve got the one gallon bags on my amazon list! @Smokin_ernie


I didn’t have a whole lot maybe a little over a oz of dry trim. Which I had in the freezer before I used it.


@Smokin_ernie if you can access dry ice you be amazed at the amount of dry kief you’ll have
Lmfao you’ll run all you bud once you start hahahhaha
Make sure you get a pollen press but you’ll be pressing all day haha
I always freeze my trim or bud fir min 24 hour prior to making hash weather I’m doing a dry kief or bubble hash
Thanks @bob31 saved me from typing it all over again hahahahaha


NP Brother, piece of cake! @Countryboyjvd1971


Yay I am going to do a search for some dry ice. So with the dry ice there is no water involved? Do you have to crush up the dry ice? Do you still use the bags?


I’m lucky I found a supplier only 10 minutes from the house :+1: @Smokin_ernie bring a cooler buy more then you’ll need as well dry ice melt even in a cooler you can put it in you freezer it will still melt lol
Any excess dry ice you can place in a small bucket and hang in tent for Co2 so it not wasted lol @bob31 @Smokin_ernie
No water with dry ice and all you need is the smallest bag you have 50 or 25 microns put a small piece or two of dry ice in cover with bud place another small pice or two on top pull draw strings together and shake bag over parchment paper or similar wear good gloves when dealing with dry ice and metal tongs to grab it never grab it buy hand


Some welding gloves would do the trick I would think. I was just looking and there is a company that has dry ice and they aren’t that far from home. They sell it in different forms. They have slices, pellets, nuggets etc. so I am thinking the pellets might be a good choice.

Good to know about the Co2.

I have a pollen press.


Sound like a great choice to me @Smokin_ernie layer of pellets bud or trim layer of pellets bud pellets should do I thing you need to play with that tho you can probably just do layer on top and bottom and work just fine


I still have some trim and will be getting more when I harvest the gold leaf. So I will be trying this out. They even have rice size pellets which may work good as well.


I was concerned about fracturing the bag so I did it in a pitcher. 73 micron screen is the smallest size. I used cured trim and sugar leaves.


Here is the video I followed. Super easy. I also just googled local ice companies to find dry ice near me.


They actually sell it by the chunk, so much per pound at my closest supermarket. People use it to keep ice cream frozen on picnics. Regular ice won’t do that. You can call around your local markets and ask if they have it. It’s used much more for keeping food frozen and Halloween party fog, than for hash.


You don’t need very much either. I bought $3 worth and used maybe 1/3 of it doing 2 ounces of trim.

I did what the video showed and ran it with the 73 micron screen then repeated it with the 120 micron and got even more although lower quality. Still kickass stuff! Incredibly smooth, but lacks the taste of pepper from the illicit stuff of my youth.


@Smokin_ernie let me know how you make out bro :+1: