First time ever growing, please help!

Hi, i would like to thank Rober and comunity for accepting me! Iam a first time grover from UK. I started unprepare for a grow, just decide enought paying for weed i can grow my self. Thats what i was thinkng, and this out a planing i dive a head down, order some seed and germinate them(all thinks to this Page), plant them, and bang 8 days later i have this litlle beatys. But i think i done mistakes not planing ahead, i just order my PH meater, and i think i ruining my litte garden on window seal, so i thought i give them some food to grow(after 8 days, i know i know iam an idiot) PH6 N36% P6% S6 and start to straigh them up ready for potting outside by taking them out for atleast 2 hours a day, and now they look like that! Can some one explain what i done wrong. The plants are AutoGorila and Autobomb. Iam sorry for my English, as its not my native language!

Regards Aleks


They don’t look bad. They’re just stretching because they’re not getting strong enough light. What kind of soil are you in?

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Gorila is in a compost/Coco mix and Autobomb is in a top soil!

By the way PH 6 N36% P6% K6%

Welcome @Saint_Convict
Bobby digital has you covered there. Lighting s critical.
Also dont water too much. Those look very wet and cannabis likes to dry out. Dont water till the soil gets drier. Pick up the container and feel its weight. Maybe fill a container with dry soil for comparison. Once it feels like its so dry it will die then water again. I know it sounds scary but overwatering kills more plants than you can imagine. I know from my first batch of seeds.

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You will want to lower the sun closer to your windowsill

Or invest in a good grow lamp :grinning:

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I just took the pictures after watering then down :crazy_face:, they didnt get any water for Last 3 days as i was away!


Well it looks like i will have to order a lamp :grinning: or have to take them out more frequintly!

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I agree with bobbydigital. Mine always look like that when starting indoors. Once outside (assuming you have decent weather) they start growing quickly.

It looks like weather picking up, so whey deffo going outside for more hours! Enough for them to stay in doors!

I’m new here so I can’t help with plants-Yet!
Just wanted to say cool :sunglasses: way to stake seedlings.

Good Growing


Well litlle babys need litlle stakes :smiley: