First time dwc trial run on a few clones


Alright this is my first attempt on trying a dwc set up. Im just going small set up trying to learn about the dwc grow verse soil. I’m just using 2 gallon jugs and just going to run the 12 week fox farm schedule to see how things play out with a couple of clones. Everything is looking good except for my water Temps they are both hovering around 78° the plants look good and roots are looking good. I’m sure that this will cause issues down the road when they get bigger. Just wondering how to get water Temps down to the 65-70° range.


Awesome idea, they look great too!

Are you using the Grow Big hydro formula, or the soil formula? When I first bought FF nutrients I was growing in soil, so when I made the switch to hydro my local Hydro store owner explained how I needed to buy the hydro formula for one of the nutrients, Grow Big.

Just checking, wouldn’t want you to hit any problems later down the road! :v:


What is the strain if i mite ask ?:smile: Hammer


I caught that one on amazon and I believe the big bloom is the same as the soil version but the grow big and tiger bloom have to have the hydro formula. But I went ahead and got the hydro trio just cause it seems you use a lot more of the big bloom than anything else. And you inspired this set up with your bubble cloner thread…well that aND a few bowls!


One is called big perm it’s an offspring of og kush pheno type 18 x Chem4 alien og and the other is a starfighter x pink predator


I have hydro big bloom for my dwc set up for one of my auto ak47. It refined more so there is less build up on the roots. I believe thats why you need more nutes like root stability fertilizer.


How about the bush doctor line from foxfarms have you tried any of them like the kangaroots, microbrew, boomerang etc. I bought the dirty dozen done had the trio for soil and have the hydro trio.


The easiest and most strait up way is a small aquarium chiller … PS. are those Hydroton boulders in the pot’s ?? Hammer


Know any good ones to buy @hammer? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I know you grow good crops so any advice is good advice buddy :v:


Last i checked 4-5 days ago Go thru our sponsored link to amazon .com . Isaw them from 100. us to 500. us Approx .Hammer


Cool I will look into one… lol the bag of hydroton I got had small pebble size to some the size of the big marbles. I just placed a few of the bigger ones on top to help hold the plants. Also this is just a super small set up those are 2’ net pots and just a 2 gallon reservoir. Just running these a straight 12 weeks schedule to see what problems I run into before up scaling to my 5 gallon. And at the moment they are under a small CFL and I know if I’m having high water temp now when I move them under my 2 150w hps the Temps will just get higher. So I’d say I will have to have some type of water chiller. Thanks for the advice!


Not a prob allen, glad to be of service …And yeah i thought those looked like 2’ hyroton …LMAO… Hammer


Ok a have got some brown spots and a few tips turning burn and the new growth starting to look deformed…kinda looks like a nute burn but I’m not for certain. Roots are looking good, and the 2 others I have are both looking good 1 in another dwc and one in compost soil mix. PH is good raising slightly over a few days I add 1ml of ph down to bring back to stable level. Water Temps have come down to 72. Humidity is around 50% and Temps are high 78 low 69. May cut back the half on nutes if tips continue to burn.


what are the nutes your using for the hydro unite . Hammer


Using foxfarms hydro trio…gave 3tbs of big bloom and 2 tbs of grow big per gallon.


Well this experiment was a bust as both clones turned on me and started showing balls…well try try and try again and figure it out. Lol so I have a question about my clones turning on me. And I’m thinking it’s the light schedule maybe a question for another topic but what is the best lighting schedule for clones from the time they are cut until transplanted? And I believe that I’m going to try a different line of nutes on my next attempt I didn’t like the way the foxfarms breakdown after just a few days and I had a lot of older growth get dead spots and leaves just died off don’t know if it’s cause of the nute breakdown or something else.


I’ve had great success with my clones after building my own Bubble Cloner.

I keep my veg tent lights at 18/6, always. The bubble cloner is in that tent, and so is my other cloner. So from day one my clones are always getting 18/6.

Think about it, if your mother plant is getting 18/6 light, and you take a clone from her, wouldn’t it make sense to give that clone the same 18/6 lightings? That’s how I looked at it. It might not matter at all, but I can say with 100% certainty, I’ve NEVER had a clone go hermie on me.

I just recently switched from FF nutrients to GH Flora nutrients. I also do DWC, and didn’t like the FF left overs in my reservoir. The GH Flora line has been incredible so far for me, and I’ll continue to use it :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Well here’s the thing with me I don’t know for sure if I’m cloning males or females so I will wait until i go to 12/12 and they show their sex before taking any clones. And the light I have been using for my clones has a built in timer. And I never can get it to match the time of my other lights. How ever I have found a way around this and I just turn on to the 24hr lighting setting and plug it into a wall timer set for the time all my other lights are on. Also I have added and trying a cheap led for the first time. And I believe I have the lighting schedule down now. So let’s take some more clones and see how they do. And I believe 18/6 is the best way to go I have heard 20/4 or 24 until they take root and start growing again.


@Allen13420 , stick to the 18/6 for rooting …less stress on them to begin with …the trio is good but i like the PH Perfect line by Advanced Nutrients… they are very stable in a wide range of hydro …their 2 part series is good and ther 3 part is good as well . Hope this helps you out ? Hammer


Thanks for the info and I believe that from the research i have been doing the advanced nutrients 2 part seems to be the way that I will go. It just seems so much simpler to add the a and b and then hydroguard, liquid karma,etc. But I believe I will stick with the fox farms trio for flowering open says me beastie blooms and chiching. Mainly because I have an ass load of it and why waste it.