First Time Drying Advise?

Hello Growers…

I am just about there…starting to see some amber (although it is taking longer then expected)…so in preparation for the next phase… i am reaching out yet again for guidance…

I grew in a 24"x24"x30" box in my back room… no humidity regulation but it seemed like it was 30-50% consistently. it also had a 440cfm exhaust fan on 24-7 circulating the air and dealing with odor ( yes it was like a wind tunnel in that box…(had to prop the door open so it didn’t close and form a vacuum) and a temp of about 80-90 when the lights were on 18/6 …the room was still very warm with the lights off for only a few hours (almost 80)

In your opinion… if i were to put my buds on drying racks in the same box…with about 4 inch space between and left the lights off…would this be a suitable drying set up? the house is usually about 69 degrees when not growing since the lights are off …I assume lights off would be good for drying since the temps would be lower and make a longer dry time…

any suggestions as to how long? should I leave the box open? closed? light? dark?

after wards I plan on putting them in mason jars. I have small ones with 4 holes punched in the tops from a shroom growing experiment… should I get new bigger ones?

(BTW yes the experiment was a success)

Thank you for all your help…in this post and previous ones… Not sure if i am going to be able to start a new batch after this… happy wife, happy life…she wants her room back and be able to have company again…LOL

You kind of have the perfect environment in your box if you are not going to have another grow in it. 70 to 75 degrees and 50 to 55% humidity. Don’t let it fluctuate around a lot. Go 7 Days on the smaller buds 10 days on the larger bugs ,. Unless they are not thick colas then you will have to determine the time, make sure the humidity never get too high or you will get mold. If it gets too low it will dry too quick and it curing process won’t work. You have to be consistent on the temperature and humidity before you put them in the jars. If you snap a bud off of a branch and long sringy comes off with it it then it is too soon to put it in the jars if you do put in the jars too soon then just when you burp thim empty them out on a pan let them dry a little longer for 30 minutes and put them back in the jars do that for a few days no holes and in the dark you want the jar to be sealed and you want them to stay in the dark even after when are curing you want it in the dark, light degrades THC. You don’t want no air blowing on them while they are drying you can have a indirect air but I would just turn your exhaust on real low and crack open a vent. It takes a few times after a while of harvesting you will get good at it. Hope that helps, happy growing.