First Time doing LST

So as you can see by the title its my first time doing LST ever . Heres some pictures thoughts ?

The middle picture…the fan leaf to the far left is showing problems. A few others as well but that one is the worst leaf. No idea what is going on and I hope someone with better experience with problems growing can chime in.

i folded them on accident lol there fine now

oh i see wym now yea idk whats goin on but whole plant seems fine

Look at the same picture and go far right. Same stuff going on. Something is off. At least I have never seen than in my almost 2 years of growing. I’ve been lucky that way.

maybe because i haven’t fed it nutrients or something. could be that but is the LST good ?

Its not from LST. I’d rather you catch it now rather than later. I’ll tag some others.

@PurpNGold74, @MattyBear, @Bobbydigital,
Look at the middle photo both sides of the plant…left and right. You all can tag others more experienced with identifying problems.

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Looks like leaves were laying on top of each other and they sweat, and then we’re burned by the lights, IMO

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to me the LST looks fine… i bend mine in half and all over the place like the one below… def something going on with those leaves though i agree with @MrPeat … does anyone smoke blunts wrapped in tobaco leaf or anything around them… looks like possible tobacco mosaic or something… hard to tell from the pics but it does kinda look similar to what i have seen on some diff types of plants that were impacted by that…

nope nobody smokes anything around that i do have a humidifier that could of maybe caused it not to sure. but is it anything to worry about ?

thats great to hear… then i would say @MattyBear might be on the right track … make sure they have plenty of air flow and avoid spraying them directly if under the lights… lookin good with the LST…

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I’ve bent a plant to almost a 90 degree angle no stress signs and have grow plants horizontal and no stress.

I hope @MattyBear is correct but if you see how my jungle is where the leaves was on top of each other to the point you couldn’t see to the main stem…I have never seen that happen. And if what Matty says is correct, then why isn’t my loaded like that.

Look at that jungle and that was before the current position and size. She does have heat burn from growing past my lights.


theres only like 2-3 fan leaves like that and new growth is green and maybe it was because i had a 265w light 2 -3 inches away lol maybe idk could be so many things and also when should i feed ? i read to wait till it shows signs of being hungry

these days i grow in my own soil and use organic ammendments so not much help there… all depends on what you are growing in, what products you are using, ect… from what i remember from back in the days use about 1/2 the recommened strength and build flushing cycles in to you plan… less is usually best when it comes to bottled nutes…

What Soil are you using?

Happy Frog

i see i think ill just wait to feed it looks healthy besides those couple fan leaves which i think its not a big deal

Is it new soil aka the first time growing in it?

i used my old bag had just a lil and i poured it on the 5 G pot then opened the new one Bought both of them brand new

Usually new FF soil is good for 6 weeks after the plant has broke soil.