First time doing clones

Okay so i got some cuttings a couple days ago and put them in a dome with the vents closed im currently on day 3 still with the vents closed should i open 1 halfway? or leave them closed ?

Keep them closed for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks there should be some roots available to uptake water. Open halfway be cautious and watch for wilting.
You want your humidity as high as you can get it right now. They only absorb nutrients and moisture through their leaves.


got yah alot of other post said open after 3-4 days just wanted to make sure

My clones always wilt for a few days before they perk back up. Like @Covertgrower said, it does take a while for them to root and show new growth. I’ve got a clone that is about 2 weeks along. It stood up maybe a week ago and it’s just now getting to the point where it looks like I can expect new growth in a couple of days.