First Time Cultivator - Lighting/Setup Gut Check

I am currently on day 3 of my first grow. So far everything is going as planned and has been super chill. I am working with 6 Girl Scout Cookie autos from ILGM, 100% germ rate!!

I’m looking to plan for flowering and wanted to gut check my current set up. For this first grow I’m looking to keep it simple, but want to make the most of my plant limit for this grow. Any tips or suggestions for lighting/set up! would be most welcomed.

I have the TS1000s set at 50% with a distance of 22inches. I am getting a lux reading of 1100 on average across all 6 plants. The inline fan is set at lowest setting.

Currently using:
|Tent - Vivosun 4x4|
|Light - Mars Hydro TS1000 x2|
|Inline - 6inch Vivosun 440 CFM inline|
|Pot - 5 gallon fabric|
|Soil - Happy Frog|

Adding fans tomorrow and just added the humidifier today.

Happy Growing!

0 2 seedling|199x500


Watch your plants stretch and adjust your lights accordingly. Nodes should be an average of 1" apart, if it’s more increasing lighting and lower lights if you have to.
Looks like. I would lower lights to increase lighting based on the stretch your getting.

Do you have a inkbird temperature controller for your exhaust fan? If no buy one it’s a lifesaver.
Mars claims it will flower a. 2x2 possible but not ideal.
Let’s see how it turns out. I Geuss

Ps have you made an intake filter yet?

Thanks for the quick response/feedback @Nicky

I was thinking there was some stretching taking place, glad I tossed up some pics. Just dropped the lights down and will monitor the next couple days. Good to know 1’ is the average between nodes, appreciate that bit of intel.

Currently I’m not rocking a inkbird temp controller, but after seeing this, I jumped over to Amazon checked them out and had to snag one. Should make my life a bit easier for sure, good lookin out!

I may end up switching out the lights and using these for a veg tent, but for now will stay the course. I’m kinda curious how these lights will perform.

Ps have you made an intake filter yet?
I have, ended up using a couple layers of furnace filters fitted to the 4in intake duct I have ran.

Thanks again for the response, super helpful!!

Happy Growin’

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Hahah you got it buddy, I made mine the same way. I took mine off recently and was thinking about using a 6inch and cheese cloth.

Just trying to help you and other members of our community avoid costly and frustrating mistakes I made and many have made.

I think you will eventually keep those as veg lights as they are perfect for that. For flower however not so much. So when you do heed my advice and get kingbrites. You’ll probably end up looking on Amazon but everything there is mostly a miss or overpriced junk, mars hydro and spider farm come up often but they are sub par and over priced. If you don’t mind spending some time with a couple basic tolls you can build your own for a cheaper ideal setup.
Check out the thread in the lighting section called “let’s talk DIY lights” our local lighting guru and mod as well as other knowledge members are active there and people build some Awsome stuff. I strongly recommend it if a bit of drilling and wiring isn’t intimidating to you. I don’t have any work space or the time so for me buying was a more economical decision.

I used charcoal filter cloth come in a roll and it’s cheap…
For all my intakes. Have a few home made scrubbers to (Hepa, total 16 Merv) …:grimacing:

Seen a few nice grows of people using two of those Mars hydros… Things can be better bruh, no matter who you are or what you have. Starting out ok man,what like $240.00 for two of those? Only thing
I’ve seen on those where they run hot. I have no experience with them but as time goes bye you wanna dump some Jackson’s into new lights then go for it… Personally I only run leds in my veg room and works out fine but in flower I run 1000 watt Sodium’s all 8 on 240 volts… Yeah I know I’m old school :rofl::joy::rofl:


Welcome to the forum @STC_Cultivator! Lots of knowledge here to help you. You’ve gotten good advice so far and off to a good start. Good luck and happy growing!

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You will need more light to get fats buddage u want like 3 of them inna 4x4

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Thanks everyone, really appreciate the input.

I’ll keep yall posted on the progress, super curious to see what type of yield these lights can produce.

Thanks again!

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U gonna get more light i didnt actually mean buy 2 more if those lights ur money might be spendlt better in another way how much are those ts1000s

More than they are worth that’s for sure lkl

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I ended up getting the two ts1000 for 250, purchased knowing I’d use them for veg lights long term. Hopeful I’d get a half decent turnout with the two.

I’m diving into the lighting section and loving the specs on the HLG lights. They look beastly.p

They are but the latest and greatest arent nesecarilly worth the $ to me 1400 for a diable scorpion its a monster but its on like 38" x 30 thats not that big i was kinda dis appointed with my hlg 600v2 rspecs. Size when i got them but they do more then i could ask for. Flower a 5x5 at 30" i like that feature tried and true i like them i aint buying light any time soon and for flower specific lights and having 4 of them allows me penetration and coverage in a 10x10 so i like havijg ability to dim and not needing to crank my lights can definatley benifit from co2 but at about 60% they max out co2 at ambiant atmospheric lvls so i save energy im sure im prolonging board life and they have the right numbers and graph specs that sold me i got them for 715 each 2 yrs ago there 850 now but they are using a lil diff setup on the 600s now lil more spread they way i run 4 was optimal in the hlg tips i got over lap beams reflective walls all even out ppfd but the best paft is at 60% the run hella cool very easy to manage temps even with 4 of them 640 true watts each when cranked 60 % puts em about at 400 ish so imagine how cool there running still have ac. But im running 2 now in half the space so it should be successfull run from what ive done to now i need a foot to walk to back of room and plants will occupy 9x5 so i have plenty of light with 2 but thats 1500 in lights so do your reasearch

They will do great as veg lights for sure. So u got the right idea when your ready to buy light holler @dbrn32 he will point you in the right direction im a lil technologicly removed about a year and a half im scared to jump back in the rabbit hole

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@STC_Cultivator, welcome to the family. I know without a doubt that there are way more educated gardeners here especially being im about a month (give or take) from my first real indoor harvest. Check out some of the grow journals and tag some of those guys too, they won’t mind, right guys and gals? I kinda got into my grow as budget friendly as I felt I could without going with the super cheap stuff. I’m only in a 3x3 so lighting will be a little different. I ordered the mars hydro tsw2000 and no lie I’ve been impressed so far. It claims veg to a 4x4 and flower to a 3x3 footprint. I wish would have checked the par on it at lower settings as she is WFO now in flower. My buddy brought his meter over the other day and par was right on all the way to the walls, a touch low in the corners but nothing to worry with. Its hanging about 18" from the canopy. He runs all types of lights and he was impressed with this light. He did say he had tried the ts1000 and it did run a little hot. Oh and to solve some heat definitely move your drivers outside the tent if possible. There will definitely be some ups and downs as you are in their most fragile state now. Be cautious with watering them, especially in those big pots. Lol I killed my first batch about a week older that your look. Have fun with it, try not to get too stressed haha always remember we are growing plants to help with our stresses amongst other things. We will be here along the way and everyone here are awesome and never seem to mind to help, just drop a tag and someone will be along very shortly. Happy growing!

These pics were from the 18th, I’m ashamed I don’t have any newer pics, way more stacked up now. Sorry for the ramble, off today and bong rips for breakfast. :grin::evergreen_tree:


2 for 250 isnt to bad if you got 4 for 500 ud be jammin in flower but not optimal and versitile. Haveing 4 diff heught abilitys if u need but 1. Or 2 big lights will keep everything happy i feel… Everyones got there preferences tho

Nice canopy @zipty420 u on the right track

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Thank you @fano_man. I have to give credit to all you guys helping along the way.

I would clean up under the top 1/3 ur surley getting shad to the dirt and alot of leaves arent getting par lighting about 8 inches down so think strip the bottom force energy to top to increase your quality on what you do grow

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Ur right at the right time to do a good defole before your in full swing ur about at week 3 of flower?

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