First time Blue Mango auto (outdoor) grow journal

Hi guys, this is my first ever attempt at growing and wondered what your thoughts are on my grow.

I planted a Blue Mango auto and she hasn’t had the smoothest run at all, which I’ll explain. However I think she’s looking super healthy right now and would really appreciate your tips/thoughts as I’m sure she’s started flowering.

In the very beginning I planted the seed with top soil - (yes a lot of learning on the job) big mistake. Every time I watered the pot the top soil quickly turned into a cement-like substance, so really it’s a miracle she survived. After three weeks, changing the soil and lots of overwatering/underwatering problems, she was this size


I bought a plastic pop up greenhouse, bought Fox Farm nutrients and 1 month later she looked a lot better.

Ever since I got the greenhouse and introduced fertilser (again sometimes adding way too much as a newbie error) the plant has undergone rapid growth. This is how she is looking now.

I’ve noticed that at the very top of the plant she’s turning a limey, light-green - is this ok? I think she’s just started to flower (white little pistils now showing) but she’s around 10 weeks old from seed. I think she’s looking ok.

I just wondered what you guys think of this grow and what your advice is in getting her over the line? Do you think I’m looking at a decent yield? Will she be getting much bigger?

Happy smoking!


Looks good. The lighter parts at the top will darken a bit as it grows.
Appears to be just rapid new growth.
Plant should get quite a bit bigger.
And welcome to ILGM.


Thanks man, appreciated!

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What @Oldguy said


Looking great! Oldguy has you covered. Welcome to the forum!


Welcome aboard! There really are a bunch of talented growers here who are eager to help. This is TRULY a great resource for new gardeners.

Thank you!

Also what do you suggest if/when the plant starts to become more than a metre high (size of my greenhouse)? Is it too late to do topping?

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@lulu2020. Afraid it’s too late for an auto to be topped.
Although you can do some low stress training.
Gently pull the top over a bit and work the stem to soften but not break it.
Tie it down to keep it there.
All the side branching will turn upwards and fill in.
Should do it soon tho. :wink:




Brill, thanks

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Welcome to the Forum looks good from here, what oldguy said set to watching

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Your auto plant is looking good! She will grow some inches more for sure… wait to see her flowering! Keep it slow with nuts and dont forgeth to water her sparsely…

this is my outdoor auto, sprouted 4/3/20 and this was taken 5/30/20. Outdoor auto should be massive, GL to your grows!


Welcome to ILGM, looks like your plant is cruisin along singin a song, my brother Oldguy has already got your back, that plant is looking great for your 1st grow.
On the taggin wagon if you don’t mind?

Good vibes and good luck✌


Wow shes looking great! I have been rotating the pot a few times a day so that she gets the sun from all angles. Is this the same as LST or a waste of time?

LST, and I topped at the 5th node. I rotate mine aswell once a day, usually go check on them with the morning coffee.