First time Beginner OUTDOOR GREENHOUSE Any advice appreciated

1st time grower ANY help appreciated!
I’m growing in an outside greenhouse. Problem is it’s only 6.5-7ft and I’m NEARLY out of room as (5) plants are now 5-6ft and nearly hitting the roof I am concerned they are not finished growing.
Im after ANY hints to negate height and preserve plant. A possible option is to unpot plants and replant into ground (with extra dirt) gaining approx another foot or so.
I’ve been growing outside and have already repotted into 20ltr pots approx 2-2.5 months ago but this is my first grow and i am wondering if it’s getting to be too late to repot without affecting harvest?
I’ve included pics and would greatly appreciate anybody else’s advice on this matter
I’m still trying to upload but I’d also like to know if anybody can tell via pics how long until they’ll start budding?
ANY advice would be greatly appreciated :wink:


Hey mate. They look fine. When your daylight hours get about 14 hours they’ll start the flip I believe with outdoor. At least here in south aus any way. With your height issues. I’d just supercrop. Eg bend the top over until it bends without breaking the outer membrane but squishing internal capillaries. Search super cropping in search bar. Start with lower, newer, weaker branches until you get a feel for it. But they’re hardy, especially outdoor. Where are they, geographically?

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Cool thanks for advice
I’d prefer to keep pots as easy to move if needed and hard to repot big pots alone
I’ll try it out and let you know what happens :+1:
Geographically I’m in Aus too (ACT)
We had a lotta 35-40 days last week plants grew least half foot or so, I’m thinking ahead in case they do hit the roof but I think normally it’d be lil cooler on this side than on yours, if you grow outside how do yours handle the HOT days?

Have a search for, first season starting late outdoor south Australia. That’s my journal, some love the heat and some don’t. Have a read, ignore the babble lol :wink:

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How many plants are in your greenhouse? I had the same issue last year in my greenhouse with height. Had to move one outside the greenhouse before just buying a bigger one lol. You can train them to grow bushier, but from the pics it looks like you are going to run out of room in flower regardless. Too many plants for the size greenhouse I’m thinking.

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Holy smokes, those are going to be monsters! I think they’re going to need to be outside if that’s an option.


Hey just a quick follow up from the thread
THANKS for advice
I ended up keeping all 5 as I just couldn’t bring myself to kill any. I wound up NEEDING to tie down the plants as sunburn was a factor when close to roof in the full summer sun (35-40C).
Otherwise for a first time grower I’m very happy with what I produced. I do not know harvest numbers but each plant gave quite high quality and fair quantity (cosmetically challenged) and for the very first time in years I have managed to SAVE more than enough to get comfortably back on my feet without hitting the brakes on my favourite hobby
When I do attempt outside grow again I’ll likely limit to 2plants and will attempt tying down from the very start.
Until then… I think I’m going to use some money saved to by an indoor grow system and see how I go doing that.
CHEERS again. THANKS for your help! Hope I bump into you in the future!
Aman Withoutaface :+1:

I have a small greenhouse which I have been growing in for years now. Mine is much smaller than yours it appears, 6ft wide x 8ft long, by originally 8ft high. I put 2x6 boards under my entire base of house and then used standard blocks to adjust to higher height about 9-10ft. Worked out fine. Hope this helps you out.