First time autoseeds

I hope it cures to rival top shelf dispensary weed. :ok_hand:


Mee too man like I said my family member said it was fire @HMGRWN

Question, when “clipping off leaves”, do you clip leaf at leaf/stem or as much stem with leaf, as close to stalk as possible? Basically do the leaf stems contribute or detract from quality and smooth smoke?

I often accidentally nip out good bud material trying to clip the leaf stem embedded in a bud.

I believe stems of any kind detract from smoothness of smoke. The tiny leaf stem that does get through my manicuring also pokes holes in my joint. :rage:


appreciate the posting and the reply, thank you.


How’s the drying process coming? Should be time for phase II and removal of excess leaves.

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Trim some daily, shaping plant or tent canopy, I am starting selective harvesting early due to needing smoke. All garden grow is immature, but mine. Best trim now hanging.
Practiced hanging, drying, monitoring and controlling drying speed.
I wet trim then hang. Brown bag will be utilized.
How long should I hold bag buds at 70%. I can reduce to 60, add some or slow drying and bounce back to 70.
Oven material for brownies will be for the lower grade leaf.
Tent has seeded flowers from hermi removed.
Flowered bonsai clones doing GREAT. Single stalks easier for low garden positioning.
Learning and growing goes good thanks to forum contributors, like you. THANK YOU!

Pictures of todays trim (need smoke).

Tent activity with new PPFD map (lowered lights 2 inches).
Canopy 16-22 inches from lighs.
New PPFD map (6-20)

It’s great the other two are still going @HMGRWN




@Petethegrk how long do you let them germ in your dome before moving them toby your main pot are you soil or hydro, myself im hydro and i think i moved mine to my system to soon as one of them died off but here’s the one that survived shes about 3 eeeks frkm pre bloom been having ppm issues but i think i kinda understand it better now,


That’s ready to transplant @robert365 looks over watered or to much humidity

I did didn’t use hydro I kept it simple

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Its in a DWC culture I had to re-adjust nutes today to hit target ppm and lowered the water level a bit to expose the upper roots a bit, looking for her to liven up next coupke days

Thinking of cutting this down @HMGRWN @BudzMS @SilvaBack203 @dbrn32 @fast-grow

What do you think


I don’t want to wait and it’s gets sleepy

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@HMGRWN @BudzMS @Myfriendis410 @SilvaBack203 @DEEPDIVERDAVE @dbrn32


look good to me, whats the trichs look like?

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I agree, looks far enough along that it could be ready. Take a look to make sure trichomes are mostly cloudy.

Happy Birthday @BudzMS


They are white