First time autoflower and lst

growing a White widow auto, growing autoflower all so .And it’s first time doing the lst. It been 44 days and it’s like the plant stopped growing. It’s in a 5 gallon bucket, under a 600W led.

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Looks like a question for @Not2SureYet

also, how much water should i give it? will switching the light spectrum help? @Not2SureYet

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Looks like it might have some issues, any pictures in natural light by chance?

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If you have a grow switch and bloom switch on your light I flick them both on in mid veg…

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That can depend on your grow medium, soil or coco?..

And yes…

That would be a big help…

It’s in soil and I had it set to Bloom

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Lovely green feld there mate.
Will leave you to the soil growers (sorry I’m a hydro guy).
With the light you should still have the veg on. Keep it on for duration of the grow.
They will want to know what type of soil you are growing in.
Potting mix, ffo, from that wonderful feld maybe, ect…


Sounds like she hit her flowering stretch and now you noticed she stopped. That means the majority of growth is over with and its time for bud development. The last 2-3 weeks are when you will see the buds pack on weight. So don’t be discouraged if a few weeks pass and it looks like nothing but popcorn nugs.


its in Scotts SuperSoil Potting Soil

The bucket has a drainige spout at the bottom and i drilled a 3/4 inch hole in the bottom

Im using a BESTVA SAMSUM Series 1200W LED Grow Light and i try to keep the light 30 inches from it.

Have you had the plant on a 12/12 light cycle? She looks like she has been in flower for a while.
I don’t think that Scott’s super soil is very weed friendly. She also looks like she could use some time to dry out between watering

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Experienced some issues overnight.

I pulled the light up and switched it only to veg. Hopefully it will get better
This is my first time lst training, growing indoors, and using autos.
is there an indoor grow guide for autos.

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@Skydiver @GreenJewels I know you two grow in soil. Maybe one of you would have a better idea how to help this one than I do. Scott’s super soil Has a nutrient analysis of roughly 13-3-3

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I don’t have any experience using Scott’s super soil.
Is that plant from seed?
Looks like it’s a reveg

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Yes, seed to soil

@Skydiver @Gardenguy should I trim those yellow fan leaves
Their is also some purple on their stems
I dont think its from light burn. I pulled the light up yesterday morning, but they still got worse overnight.
Ph level is 6.7 when I water. Tent stays arfound 70 to 75 degrees. Humidity is 45% almost always.

I also got a new light today and an additional 8 inch fan to put in( BESTVA SAMSUM Series 1200W LED Grow Light) I haven’t put it in yet. But that’s my tent setup. Still working with ventilation.

You can take off the yellow fan leaves, they won’t recover. The purple stems are normal. Have you checked the pH of the run off water?