First Time Auto

WOW! Cute to say the least🤟

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Yeah, she’s going to be a pet. I’ll squee over her and all that but well - not a workhorse, our Audrey.

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Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

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Hello All. Just a QQ Day 77 of Bruce Banner AutoFlower Front and back left. Skywalker Autoflower day day 77 also. I noticed more color changes. I am still following the same feeding regiment as I stated in my very first post at the top. IS there issue with the colors of the nugs? or is this normal?


Could anyone tell me if these are by looking at the color? They are in day 77.

They look great, but they’re still showing a lot of white pistils. I’d say they have at least 2 more weeks, probably between 3 and 4 for best results

Thank you very much. These strains are new to me as well as Autoflower. So I’m trying to be careful for this first run.

What should I expect do you think ill be able to get in dry weight

Thats really hard to say. Ill tell you that its always less than you think lol. I recently had 3 amnesia haze autos, and between the 3 I had 12oz dried at the end. Though one of my plants was huge, and gave me 7oz, while the two that were similar to yours each gave me about 2.5 oz dried smoke, plus another oz or so each of larf for edibles

Can you get some up close Trichome shots? How close is your light and the DLI setting. I see some Fox tails, a sign of lighting to close/intensity. Normal flowering DLI is 50 plus and some strains love to be blasted and some are more sensitive. Later flowering the DLI is decreased to around 45 :love_you_gesture:

I measured from the top of the buds to the light and it was originally set for 13 inches. I moved the light up to 18 1/2 inches. The buds are almost all the size of my hands

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To provide some perspective

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Nice size buds. Without knowing your lighting PPFD/DLI or lighting specs it difficult to suggest height. Fox tailing isn’t a bad thing caught early and is usually from lighting intensity but also can be genetic but yours appears to be lighting. Here is the fox tails I mentioned :love_you_gesture:

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I really appreciate the help and feedback.

Spider Farmer Upgraded SE5000 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Set to 100% Should I lower it… Also light is on 18 hours. I was told when it comes to Auto the light on time should stay about 18 hours.

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18/6 is fine for autos, the SF light is a great choice, lowering the light will make it worse. Do you have a way to measure DLI/PPFD?

I do not have anything to use to test. But I went on the site and pulled the specs and PPFD Map. Will these help?

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Without a meter I would suggest 18” and place your hand at the top of the plant canopy with the back of your hand facing the light. If you can feel abnormal heat then dial down the intensity. There a great lighting meter app called PHOTON for smart phones that’s really accurate :love_you_gesture:

Front Plant

Back left plant

Back Right plant

Nice job on getting that figured out. Where you’re at with flower I would take that to 45 DLI. You may have to raise your light a little to even the numbers. That SF is a powerful light :love_you_gesture:

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Learned a lot today. Thanks again.

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