First time auto under hps help

first time growing autos under a hps 1000watt running 750 on dimmable setting. these are blueberry auto ilgm. 5 gallon fox farm ocean forest with fox farm trio nutes about once a week. Every resource online said only do lst with autos never top so instead i just let them grow naturally big mistake they are over 5 ft tall and are only 10 weeks old i have what looks like fox tailing probably from heat stress but i cant raise the lights anymore i have them in a 48x48x80 tent and have no more space. The buds look like they are going to be super airy because of the heat stress. Is their anything i can do? And how much will the buds suffer over all if i cant do anything about it.


@EMTCPR3 you can most definitely top and fim autos. 3 years growing autos and I either top or fim at the 4th or 5th node and start LST a week later. It really all depends on health of the plant when it reaches those nodes.

Nice looking autos!!

Yea im going to start topping my autos there seems to be alot of opinions about growing. What do you tjink about my buds are they foxtailing from heat stress will they be airy and is their anything i should do better.

What are the temps and humidity in the tent? How many plants?

Two plants humdity is generally around 40 temps are high 86 to 88 at the top. 81 to 82 mid tent.

Mid tent is perfect, not much you can do now unless you get bigger fan to pull out the heat. Week 10, so you are about week 6 of flower? If so, you have about 2 to 3 weeks left, I wouldn’t stress her out in any way.

What is your current light cycle?

18 and 6

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You could honestly drop to 12/12, help a little with heat.