First time auto flower

So far I’m amazed at the speed they grow. Planted in dirt feb 20 sprouted in 1 week then they took off. Only thing I’m not sure on is why they grew different. The left side are mango smile and the rear plant grew taller and thinner compared to her sister?
The right side are forum stomper same thing front plant growing far thicker than her sister in the rear.
Using hp pro mix. No fertilizer, mars 3000 light is 3-1/2’ above plant,4x4 tent
I’d love any suggestions on light distance,fertilizers(same as photo?) silica? Also heard sts for making female pollen? Is it really true to get female seeds only


Here is this week’s picture

mango smile is showing flower signs. Also on 18-6 cycle


Easy answer…Genetics. No two seeds will grow alike. Think of it this way. Look at your family and see you all look different. Genetics otherwise this world would be a extremely depressing to live if we all looked identical.


The two on the left look similar more like sativa and the two on the right also look similar more like indica.
Hybrid wait till they are in mid flower and see how the are.

Looks like ur running two indicas and two Savitas looking very beautiful

So they appear to be in good shape. What the light power to and how high above the plants. I’d lower light a bit or power up it’ll cut the back stretch down some. By now I’d be on close to 75 percent power or more. By flower u wanna have the light on full power so the plant is getting everything it can good stuff.

Differences happen. I have 3 photo GDP going. Two look like twins and the third is the wild child. I basically ignore the two and have to tend to the third so it doesn’t grow through the tent.
I drilled holes around the rim of buckets for tie downs. A drill makes fast work of it.
Plants are looking good.