First time auto- bruce banner and gorilla glue- why wont trichomes mature?

Hey everyone, this is my first Autoflower grow and I’m doing Girl Scout cookies extreme auto ,Bruce Banner Auto, and Gorilla Glue Auto. I’m running a hydro crunch 1000w double-ended hid high pressure sodium (turned down to 600w) with Coco and perlite 70/30 mix and using general hydroponics micro grow and Bloom with Cal Mag Plus and im inside a 48×48×80 inch mylar tent. I’m ensuring each feeding pH stays between 5.5 + 6.5 and following the feeding chart to the letter and I thought I was doing everything right but im not so sure anymore…I started these on April 5th so they are 70 days old. I already harvested the first Girl Scout cookies but the Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue are for some reason taking much longer for trichomes to mature. I don’t want to harvest until I see at least 10% Amber and the rest milky colored but I expected for this to have occurred by now right? Let me know what yall think- pictures down below.

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You’ll want to begin looking at trichomes after all those white pistils brown and recede. The trichs will mature naturally after that. You still have several weeks to go yet before looking at trichs will mean anything.


The flowering times you see on websites are talking about time from the beginning of flower to maturity, not from sprout to maturity.
So if the flowering starts at 4 weeks old then you have approximately 10 weeks from that point.
I say approximately because its always longer than those estimates.
As Midwestguy said your first clue will be the pistils turning brown and curling up. From the looks of those buds you have 4 to 6 weeks to go at least.

Looking for this…


I agree, there are a ton of white pistils still on these plants. Wait until those start receding to start checking trichomes. You easily have at least a few weeks left.


Okay I really appreciate everyone’s input and I will definitely put this information to good use. I do however want to ask if these two plants have a couple weeks before they’re fully matured then why did the Girl Scout cookies seem to have finished so much sooner? 66 days seed to harvest- 8th thoughts? Pic 1- day 1 drying
Pic 2- day 3 drying

Just an FYI, in coco you want your ph between 5.8-6.2

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Autos have a mind of their own, for sure! I always do 3 at a time, and even the same strain they finished at different times. Just like a bunch of kids! Lol!