First Time And I Jumped ALL In

I have a Ebb and Flow system and I’ve been working on getting nutrients all balanced out. I feel maybe as a new dad that I am over reacting a little but I need some advice.
Ph: Had been 7 (has since been brought down to 6.2 post pic)
PPM was super high for a few days around the 950s now at 680 (still a little high)
Do her roots look normal? This was after 3 days of being placed in Hydroton.

Here is a top pic of her too.


Hard to tell if those are root hairs or mold on the roots. Could you get a few more pics?

those could be hairs just starting, but it looks like mold to me. These are mine from a week ago, notice the hairs are long? Pics of your set up?

And 600 PPM is way too high for a plant that small! No more that 200-300 when that small.

Here is a top view of it right now. LOL. (Got a little geeky with it!)

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Yes those are high. On the math I did for my reservoir it shot them way up there. Using Connoisseur Grow two part.
Here is the 2nd plant in the same system.

@DaneDad do the roots look the same in that plant?

Got a shot this morning of my Girl Scout cookie, 18 days old.

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I don’t know? She has been the really healthy one and I’ve not looked at her. She appears to be doing really well. This was just taken the AM. I’m have temped to leave it alone. There were bag seeds that I was giving a go before the good ones get here. The one in question is standing tall currently. She had a little stretch going on and her stem wasn’t as stout was the other, but down she has from fight her.

Here is the problem child this AM. She appears to be doing OK. She has new growth on her.

I think both are looking good. Of course compare your happy girls roots to your problem, but both are looking good on the top end. Not bad for a first time. The first sets 3 of leaves in hydro tend to look a mess as she growing so fast in my opinion.

Super zooming the photo those look like hairs of the roots to me. I think she will be an eater.

They seem to doing just fine currently! Never would have know that she was having issues being young. Now she is doing just fine. Both of them are doing exactly what they should be doing. Working on the water cycle currently. I have 7 flood cycles going per day, lasting 30min each.

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@DaneDad how are they looking? Hope they are flourishing.



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Very nice! @DaneDad Roots looking good as well?

They appear to be doing well. Plants are standing tall, stems have gotten thicker and sturdy. Have not seen the roots come though sides of bucket at this time. But looking at the plants they appear to be happy.