First time accidental outdoor grow questions


I’ve got 2 wild plants growing in southern Australia and I’m not sure of the varieties but have some questions. These just grew randomly from some random seeds so I have no idea what it is. They grew on their own and I’ve just left them.
We’ve entered Autumn and it’s dropped to 9c nights, so I’m thinking I should pull them out before frost hits?

Plant 1: is it Time to harvest? This one seems small but healthy. Looks cloudy, but my iPhone is as close as I can get to check

Plant 1

Plant 2
Yellowing leaves, they’re very brittle too. Not looking too healthy, had blood and bone added to the soil so might be too much? Or is it just time to harvest?

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I’m keen to learn on the job!

It still needs more time


Thise white pistils will turn and then start checking trichs


Ok thanks. Any ideas on plant 2 going a bit yellow with crispy leaves? It’s not looking too healthy, could it be too much nutrients?

Could be anything, especially since your not in control of the environment it’s living in.

Fortunately your not gonna smoke that portion of the plant. @GhostGrow nailed it with allowing those hairs to change , curl and she’ll tighten up for you.

Just so u know i see nanner on the second plant. Be prepared for seeds to be in thT one

Id check over the otgsr real good every bud and see if its a hermie also. If they r close togetger they might both have seeds in it


@Mark0427 i need you to come be my grow operations manager! With an eye like that we’d be growing places


Every time i see random seed or street seed i lpok close and most times they r in there somewhere. Thats shy most are bag seeds most bag seeds come from hermied plants so most likely will be a hermie plant that grows.


You see the white calyx’s there? That means she still isnt done yet. Those will stop producing new hairs and they will shrivel up. 9f as a night temp is perfectly acceptable especially if you can keep them dry. Do prepare a shelter if you expect rains and keep them going until no further calyx production is happening. Then check the trichomes for cloudiness and color. Not all trichomes change to amber so dont worry if they dont as long as all of them are at least cloudy.
Here in Canada it isnt uncommon for a plant to see a snow or some frost at the end. I typically protect my plants with cover although some strains can handle cols and wet better than others.
Looks good for mystery pot!

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Yeah shes a dude too, but so what? You get some seeds… used to be all we could buy in the late 70s and 80s. Stems and seeds… and a bit of smoke lol :laughing: still got stoned though!


Even if it’s clear trich , in sun light it still will smoke great :+1:.

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Back then i was only in the making but I’d wager a guess and say the seeds back then where, although more abundant, much less likely to be hermie.

Not so sure about that… seed was stupid common primarily because mexicans and columbians didnt yet know how to grow seedless weed. Wasnt till Pablo Escobars head pot grower figured out he needed to cull the males and make clones. Shortly after that Pablo switched his motivation to Coke. Then growing weed in the US became mainstream.


Yellow leaves are normal, this far into flowering.

[quote=“JuiceNewtown, post:1, topic:65772”]
These just grew randomly from some random seeds
[/quote] :rofl: What nice neighbors wish someone would be so kind and throw me some free seeds like the ones you got…Those plants look nice!!! I mean for a freebie wtf?

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Ok I reckon it’s good to go now. Getting pretty yellow but the pistls still aren’t clear

And this one doesn’t look as far along. Should I leave it still?

As a plant get closer harvest and the large leaves begin to turn yellow like that I remove them. I cannot say what your issue is bit here is an ILGM link to leaf symptoms

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They look a tad “milky” to me wait a week or two + ? you have to decide which you want from your crop…THC or CBD? more milky = THC More Amber = CBD …The yellow natural in flower stage , I have not seen that much “yellowing” of the leaves in mine,but every grow is different The brown/burnt looking tips could be possibly nutrient burn?.. All in All you got you some buds…Thats an accomplishment at that … Happy Smoking…